Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Getting Closer To Going Home

The Doctor told Joe he is getting closer to going home. He still needs to take in more fluids and it's hard to eat or drink when your stomach doesn't feel like having any thing in it.
 It's not like getting ready for the day in his own bathroom but it works.
It was a nice warm morning in the hospital solarium and my solar powered man was recharging his batteries
As I said earlier Joe just isn't eating much. I mentioned to the nurses that he liked the Jello I made at home. She said Bing some in and they'd keep it in the patient fridge.Im staying at the hospital so  I called our friend Ruthie at 9:30 at night and she made him some Strawberry Banana Jello and delivered it here this morning. What a dear friend! Yes he ate some and had more this evening. Thank you Ruthie.
 We usually wal four laps around the unit three times a day. Joe kept stopping in the same spot every time. So finally I asked him why. He said because there is a hot spot there and it gets his feet warm....
So this evening Dr ordered a low fiber supper. Chicken breast, carrots, green beans,mashed potatoes and gravy, a roll and vanilla ice cream. He only ate a few bites of chicken and potatoes and ALL of the ice cream. Our medical team said not to worry, his body was really traumatized by the surgery and it may take awhile to get his appetite back. And even at that he will need to eat small portions at a time.
We spent time with the doctor this morning and Joe was able to ask him why he couldn't remove the cancerous mass in his liver. Dr. drew a diagram of the liver and where the tumor was located and explained because of the size of it and where it is, Removing it wasn't an option. He asked questions I imagine a lot of patients long. Dr. talked about Joe's otherwise good health and strength, reminding him also about how only the Lord knows the numbers of our days. But he smiled as he gave Joe these words of encouragement...."well Joe, I can tell you, you certainly don't qualify for Hospice, And with that we chose to keep on doing what we are doing already. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't here yet so we will do every thing we feel the Lord will have us do today.
And as I will be saying in every one of my blogs from now on......DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR, IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY SCHEDULE YOURSELF A COLONOSCOPY. IT MAY JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE!