Monday, November 9, 2015

Uncharted Waters

I've started this blog at least three times. It's so difficult to know where to begin. I've written or texted a lot of you and  of course we have talked to our family.  We began a journey on uncharted waters on Friday, October 30th, when after Joe's colonoscopy the Dr. told us he had a malignant partially blocking tumor in his sigmoid colon. He had a CAT scan the following Thursday morning and that evening the Dr. came to our home and sat with us and told us that the cancer had spread to his liver and lymph nodes.  

This is the building where Joe's surgeon is. It's hooked on to the Hospital

This morning November 9th, we met with the surgeon and surgery is scheduled for this Friday.His hospital stay should be 3-5 days.We will be introduced to an Oncology Specialist while Joe is in the hospital and he will start chemotherapy 3-4 weeks after the surgery day. The prognosis? The surgeon told Joe, they can't cure the cancer but with surgery and chemo they can give him more time.

I took this picture after I stepped out the front door of the Pavillion which is hooked  on to the building where Joe's Dr. is. This is also where he will do his chemo treatments.

I don't even know how to describe what we are feeling right now but we are processing it all.  
Our faith in the Lord is giving us comfort, strength, peace, and courage.  When the tears come, we hold each other real tight. We are comforted with all the words of encouragement in the forms of texts, messages, emails and cards. Friends from near and far have called Joe and that always puts a smile on his face. So thank you for that.

I was going to take my blog down, but then my daughter in law reminded me it is a good way to keep family and friends updated.

So the blog will stay for now. Thank you again for your prayers, and well wishes