Saturday, October 24, 2015

Breakfast at Multnomah Falls

Joe's son and his fiancee drove from the Olympia area today to have breakfast with us at the Multnomah Falls Restaurant. It was a cool, crisp, breezy fall morning. The fall colors were out in all their glory along the Historic Columbia River Highway.


As we were waiting for the kids to arrive, we were enjoying people watching out the large picture window at our table. My chair was by the wall and my nose was almost at the window when all of a sudden it dawned on me I was eyeball to eyeball with "Charlotte." No I didn't scream. ( She was outside the window or I probably would have reacted) I was in awe of the beautiful web she had spun and how strong it was. I thought for sure the wind would "take her out". But she hung around the whole time we were there. This was the first time we have eaten here. I had shared a cinnamon roll with Joe while we were waiting so I only ordered a side order of scrambled eggs. It seemed to me the portions of all that was ordered was large, but the prices were reasonable and the service was great. It is less than an hour from our house and we for sure will come back again. Maybe for lunch next time.

Notice Mt. Hood in the distance.  Hardly any snow on it.  After we left Multnomah Falls we continued on the famous "Fruit Loop"  In the fall, it's many varieties of apples, and pears, and of course there were pumpkins everywhere.
One of our favorite stops on the Loop is the Apple Valley Store. ( I had to borrow this picture from the internet)  As we came around the corner  there were cars on both sides of the road. It was barbque Saturday and  they were making Apple Butter outdoors in a huge copper pot too.

Yesterday, I was showing off some of our great grand kiddos and  tonight here is the four boys of my oldest granddaughter. She tried to get it to me last night, but one of them didn't feel well and was in bed and the baby wouldn't look at her. I imagine it's pretty hard to get four boys to sit still too long for anything. Thank you Shawna for managing to get this one.