Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm Walking Again

A few weeks back, cabin fever was getting the best of us so Joe took us to the beach via Astoria. We both love to explore. This is old town Rainier, Oregon down by the waterfront 

Astoria is home to two Coast Guard Cutters. ALERT AND STEADFAST. They are based right next door to the Astoria Maritime Museum a must see if you are in the area. 
I use to live in Astoria and many times I'd walk to the waterfront and watch what is happening here.  The little white Pilot Ship you see here is taking off the bar pilot and putting on the river pilot.  Notice the little sailboat in the distance. 

We  went through Astoria, and then down the coast  to Depot bay, ate a Subway Sandwich we bought earlier while we watched the beautiful sunset then headed back home, a whopping 420 miles RT.

The fall colors are beautiful again this fall

We were on our way to visit friends in Oregon City and I looked up in an easterly direction to see this. I hollered for Joe to come look. Then we turned around 

The other direction to see this beautiful sunset.I don't remember ever having seen a double rainbow or any rainbow in the evening.  So beautiful.

We were so blessed to have long time friends Jim and Neila park their rig at Clackamette RV Park just off Interstate 205 for the weekend, on their way to the desert for the winter.  It has been over two loooooong years since we saw them last. The time went so fast. It seems like we were hugging them hello and poof we were hugging them goodbye. The good news is we will be seeing them now and then this winter. 

I've waited a long time for this.  I had my stitches out this morning and this afternoon I was out walking again. It feels so good. Doc said no PT and don't start off doing 10,000 a day :P  He also said he'd never heard of a Fitbit until he did my surgery.  He was excited to tell me he and his wife now have Fitbits.


For those of you who were expecting us at  Verde Valley early November, our plans have changed. Due to some health problems and upcoming tests, we have had to cancel there. We are hoping to come to  Verde Valley now March 7-28th. Hope to see you then.