Friday, October 9, 2015

ALL THIS ...............FOR THIS.....

This past Monday I finally had the meniscus tear in my knee repaired. The doctor also ground and shaved some bone off that arthritic old knee. I went into surgery about 3:00PM and was in recovery about 4:00PM and back in my room about 4:30.  We got home close to 7:00PM.  He sent me home with a bottle of pain pills but except for in the evening and the night, I haven't had to use them. The blue wrap you see on my knee is an  aircast cryo cuff gravity cooler with knee cuff that came home from the hospital with me too.  If you look carefully on the floor to the left of my leg is a Jug with a white lid and handle. It is full of ice.  Joe hooks it to the cuff, and holds it up high while the cuff fills with cold water.  When it starts warming up, he connects the little hose to the jug again, empties the warm water back into the jug and reloads it with cold water again. 
Today, Friday, I removed the ace wrap and all the gauze and this is all that's left.  The steri strips and the couple of stitches will be removed on the 20th.  I'm so thankful for how smoothly everything went. I am able to walk with out the walker they sent home with me too. Thank you so much to all of you for your prayers and well wishes. Thank you to my Joe for all his tender loving care, keeping me fed, and the house spic and span clean.