Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A New RV and a Visit to Sparks Lake

Before I start my blog this evening I just want to give a big shout out and a huge thank you to our blogger computer guru Rick Doyle!!!!  I installed windows 10 on my new laptop with very few problems except....... as I understand it, Microsoft and Google aren't the best of friends. Thanks to Rick and hours of trying to figure it out, as he put it, finally, SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!! Now I can send multiple pictures again using Picasa.  So again Rick a great big thank you.

Ok, I was just kidding with you.  This is our new RV. We saw one like this when we were at South Jetty. We looked from Florence to Lincoln City in every "wind toy" shop we could find and never did find one.  We saw planes, trucks, tractors...etc. The larger ones could be purchased for as high as $89.  So yesterday, Joe took me for a ride to Sisters, Oregon (we are at Thousand Trails Bend/Sunriver Resort) I can't do much right now just waiting to have surgery scheduled on my knee.  He has a State Horseshoe Tournament in Bend this weekend so I rode along with him.  Anyway, he found a place to park close to BJ's ice cream shop (for those of you that know about BJ's in Florence, it's the same one here in Sisters.)  On the way back to the car we found this little shop that had wind toys of every size and make.  We almost missed it...........there in the back, leaning up against the store window was the one we had been looking for.  Price? normally $89.  The owner said he'd give it to us for $30 + Military discount.  There wasn't a box for it, it was the last one and he wasn't going to order anymore.  So we grinned all the way to the car (just a few steps) We ended up paying $28 and some change.  Pretty good huh?  We've had fun watching people looking at it as the walk past our site. 

Neither one of us has been to Mt. Bachelor. So after a couple hours of Joe playing Pickle Ball and another couple hours of horse shoe pitching, we took a little ride there.  

This was as far as we got. Didn't get to go up by the ski lift and lodges like we did when we went to Mt. Baker. But it was a nice ride anyway.
We got back on the Cascade Scenic Highway and saw a sign to  So why not... Joe wasn't thrilled that it was a gravel road for 13 miles but the view was nice.
This is what we thought we were going to see.....  
Sparks Lake  But when we got to the end of the road at the boat ramp this is the view.

Sort of Sad

No wonder you can only go 10mph on the lake. 

This guy stayed with in the speed limit. But man, it was a cold 46 degrees out there and breezy....

This sign was placed in a empty parking space.  I love to make up stories.  I'm sure if this sign could talk it would have a good story to tell........