Friday, August 21, 2015

The Northwest Washington Fair and A Trip To Mt. Baker

It's been a fun week with beautiful weather at TT Birch Bay. Wednesday we went to the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden.  We love fairs. 

 Now this cow has a soft pillow, wouldn't you say?

This little one really took a liking to Joe

These two little ones, were so fun to watch. Click on the picture to get a better look. 
 This goose just tickled me with her attitude. She wasn't about to let ANY of her friends share that pail of water.
These babies were just a couple of days old

These little piglets were pretty rambunctious while getting their dinner.

We love little pygmy goats and these put on quite a show for us.

Isn't this just the sweetest little face?

If you click to enlarge this picture I hope it makes you smile too.  The lady was giving this big horse a shower and all he wanted was a drink of water. She would shoot the water up to his face and he'd just drink away.

Joe is standing beside a 1950 Ford tractor  with a two bottom plow like one he use to drive as a kid.

The finale of a great day at the fair was the rodeo with a beautiful back drop.

My sister in law lives close by in Lynden so I called and asked her if she would like to take a day trip with us to Mt. Baker.  Neither her or Joe and I had ever been there.  When we left it was cloudy and misty and we figured we wouldn't get to see the mountain but it would be a nice ride.  Along the way we saw signs to Silver Lake County Park and decided to take a look.

What a beautiful place. We will definitely return here for some quiet camping time. 

Remember I said it was "misting" when we left?
Well now, Isn't the Lord just so good???? Look at that view. When we got up to the ski lift parking lot, we decided to go on to Artist View parking lot.....the end of the road, and this is what we got.

Turn the corner and we were up in the clouds.

Look at those sweeping mountain sides, and the little ponds below.

We made it to the top, turned around and came down to this beautiful lake.  Then name you ask?....Picture Lake of course.

We've been to Lynden a couple of times and today we parked the car and looked around a bit. It is a pretty and quaint little town.  What impressed me the most was the beautiful, huge hanging flower baskets. 

This picture borrowed from the internet
The town has a two windmills, one on each end of town. We parked the car close to this one and checked out some shops including the Dutch Bakery......mmmm good.