Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Grande Finale To a Beautiful Celebration Week

Our week was full of fun, laughter, smiles, and giggles but Saturday it turned to tears of joy.........
Saturday we were invited to join Rob and his girlfriend Gloria for a BBQ at her parents home in Olympia to meet them. Rob was the chef, and served us BBQ Salmon and BBQ ribs, baked beans and potato salad and surprised us with a cake that was inscribed with Happy Birthday Joe and Betty.  We had a great time visiting with her parents and grandma.  Then they asked us to follow them to Sumner, Washington, but wouldn't tell us why. We pulled into a parking lot across from a building that looked like a church.
Both sets of parents were pretty quiet as we followed Rob and Gloria into this building.  We were greeted at the door by a lovely lady named Jeannie who told us the history of the building as we stood in the spacious room with beautiful paintings on the wall and ceiling.  When she was finished she asked us what we thought of it and we all oooo'd and awed and told her how nice we thought it was.  Then with a big grin on his face, Rob (with Gloria by his side smiling that infectious smile of hers) told us we could come back on September 10, of next year for their wedding in this very spot.  From there, she took us on a tour  of the rest of the building.  I would suggest you enlarge your screen, turn up the Sound and enjoy the rest of the tour as we did.

When the tour was finished we were back where we started, Rob put his hand in his pocket, pulled out a pretty royal blue box, turned to Gloria and said he thought this would be a great time to put this on her finger.....  She couldn't figure out how he could surprise her like that.  She knew it was coming but didn't know when.

The size was right but her finger was a little swollen so he had a time getting it over her knuckle. That's when dad stepped in and steadied the hand so Rob could give it a little push.  Does Joe look like a happy dad?  At that point, Rob looked at him and said "your the best man" . You see what makes that so special to Joe, was Rob was his best man at our wedding.
Because this was such a Surprise to the parents, we didn't come prepared to take pictures. I had the presence of mind to grab my iPhone and take the one above, but because this was a first for Jeannie, having someone receiving her ring in their event center, she asked if I'd take a couple more and send them to her. So the happy couple gladly re enacted the presentation for her and then we took a couple of them with both sets of parents.

A footnote from this step momma,  for many years Joe has prayed the Lord would give his son a wife that loved the Lord with all her heart and when I joined the family my prayers were the same.  Gloria has told me several times her prayers were that the Lord would give her a husband with the same desire, and He did just that. 
Another prayer answered.  Thank you Lord.