Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beautiful Silver Falls State Park near Silverton, Oregon

Joe's Birthday choice was to take the back roads to Silver Falls State Park near Silverton Oregon.
We love taking the back roads to anywhere.

It was interesting to me to see all the black fields.  Controlled burning of these fields, helps prepare the fields for the next crop.

The farmers were out in their fields with very large tractors, creating a lot of dust in the air, but it is also necessary in preparing the fields for the next crop.

Although the wheat has already been cut, these fields remind me  of "Amber Waves Of Grain"
We stopped at a beautiful roadside on the way to the falls.

The Birthday Boy/Chauffeur taking a break.

My awesome sister at age 68 showing me she still has the ability to do a balancing act.  She did gymnastics as kid. 

We parked the car at the South Falls and paid our $5.00 parking fee. 

The path to the falls goes past the Lodge, a little cafe and store, and a little theater where you can learn more about Silver Falls.

This was our reward for our hour and a half drive from home.  A beautiful view of Silver Falls. I have to say I was surprised how little water was flowing but then Oregon is in a pretty severe drought.  Joe and Jan hiked down under the falls and continued on for a round trip of about 3 miles.  I and my friend Ruthie stayed on top and enjoyed the view and people watching. It was a beautiful day.  How is Joe this evening you ask? Well after a nice long warm shower and a good nights sleep he says he will be fine. He expects a few aches and pains in the morning, but the toe is healing nicely.  For those of you who didn't hear, He was pitching shoes ( in his Nike flip flops of all things) and wore the skin right off his little toe.  So we have been nursing that all week too.  My knee still isn't doing to good. I have an appoint with the ortho Doc when we get back from Birch Bay and I have a hunch I'm going to have to get it fixed. our last day of the birthday week for us.  We are going to explore the little town of Aurora. When we get home it will be time to start loading up the motor home. We will take Jan home Friday morning, spend the weekend there and head out for Birch Bay on Monday.
Have a great week.