Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Flowers and Fresh Fruit - Bauman's Here We Come!

Today we went to Bauman Farms.  Wow!  So many flowers, so much fruit!!

This is a Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea 

I love nurseries.  They are beautiful, quiet and peaceful.

This is one of the entrances to the farm store.  Straight back is the bakery. There are always samples of bakery goods, fruit and cheese. We purchased a lemon pound cake, 

the sweetest peaches and plums we've ever had and.....

And the biggest cantaloupe we've ever seen. If Joe looks tired, he has a really good reason to be.  He's been busy all week chauffeuring us around. But he tells us driving makes him happy... A good nights sleep and we'll be off again tomorrow. Shhhhh I'll tell you a secret. Tomorrow is HIS birthday. :)