Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I'm Back

When I last posted, I was nursing a hurting knee and a diagnosis of a couple of small Baker's Cysts. A couple of weeks ago, I kept my appointment with the Orthopedic Doc and he said those cysts are usually as a result of something else going on.  In my case... a torn meniscus. He gave me a cortisone shot (a big ouch) and all seemed well for a few days. More on this little story later.

Joe has said before I don't know a stranger, at least not for very long.  I follow Mike and Sandy Mills Blog  and a couple of weeks ago I discovered they were in the Portland area so I sent them a message asking if they were interested in a meet and greet. What a delightful couple!  They were so easy to visit with and we found out we have a few interest in common too.  Hope we can meet up with you again one day.

The wheels on our rig have been turning, turning, turning.  We spent a couple of weeks at South Jetty in Florence. We were in A loop and the back of our site opened up into a small meadow used for tenting. So our Satellite dish worked great.  Cell phone/internet not so great but no matter, we  took care of those things when we were in Florence.  We both agreed, watching the Dune buggies was our favorite thing to do. Joe even got me to go on the big "slow" one. If that was slow I'm glad we didn't do the fast one.  We attended church at Florence Christian Church. Appeared a beautiful remodel/addition project was coming to an end.  The sanctuary was full for both services.   

Next we enjoyed a couple of weeks at Pacific City. I'll finish my knee story here.  I made bad choice to go with Joe and some friends down the trail at Pacific City across the road down to the beach...... so the knee isn't feeling great again, and to make matters worse, I was coming down the steps out of the MH and felt the other knee give.  It doesn't keep me down, but it doesn't' feel the greatest either.  I will be going back to the Doc the first of October to decide what's next.  I lived in Tillamook in the late 60's and early 70's. My goodness how time changes things.  Back then Pacific City was just a place for the Dory's to launch their boats for a day of fishing and on return bringing them right up on the sand.  Today..... condominiums, RV Resorts, Breweries, lots of little restaurants, and for us, finding a wonderful little Village Missions Church, Pacific City Bible Church. Worshiping Sunday, Shoulder to shoulder with a very loving group of people was the best.
On this particular day, we watched the Coast Guard tow a little boat in over the bar that had a problem  out there somewhere.

This little restaurant was pricey, and because we didn't have reservations we had a 45 minute wait, but it was so worth it to us.  Can't even get in for the dinner hour without a reservation.

But the view and the good food is so worth it. This is also in Depoe Bay

We were sitting in the car, front row at the parking lot in PC (right by the Pelican Pub) and look what came up right beside our car. They were just out for a ride on the beach and a quick lunch. Those were really big horses.

As I said earlier, in the late 60's, I lived in Hebo, Oregon. My former husband was stationed at the Hebo Radar Station  This link gives more information. So Joe and I took a beautiful drive to the top of Mt. Hebo. The view at the top is incredible.

This is what you see now. There is a nice trail to the highest point where on a clear day you can see Haystack Rock in Pacific City. Yes it was a beautiful day and we did see Haystack rock from there.

There is also  a beautiful, quiet, serene little lake called Hebo Lake

We enjoyed many sunsets while we spent time at the coast, but I think this was the best.