Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Home Improvement Project Is Done

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When we came home in March Joe slowly started our project for this year. When we are gone so much, it is hard to keep the flower beds looking nice

So for now, bye,bye, flowers (except for my little Jasmine which enjoys climbing right up that trellis, clear to the top!)

Next he had to improve the drain issues when it rains here.... and it rains a lot. So with advice and direction from contractor Tim,

Joe put in the catch basin

He dug a ditch the full width of the house and laid drain pipe. This was not an easy "do" as there is a lot of clay and rock in this dirt.

Making sure it's all level. Those garden knee pads sure come in handy. We also keep a couple in the MH to use Mwhen he's hooking up the car to the motor home.

We had indoor and outdoor projects going on at the same time. With both of my legs giving me a few problems right now, I can't do much to help except to keep the ice tea coming for Tim, our contractor and being the photographer for this project.  Here they are taking out the old toilet in the guest  bathroom.

And we replaced it with a new, taller one.

Joe enjoys painting and it's a good thing because he did a lot of it.  

These old mobile homes (1968) had dark paneling through out the whole house, requiring an undercoat and 2-3 coats of paint to cover it.

Tim arriving with six arborvitaes and the materials for remodeling the carport.

These are six foot arborvitaes and aren't exactly light.

Tim also owns a nursery. The trees didn't come from there, but he did have connections to find just what we were looking for. 

This is the way it was around here for close to a month. Jumping from one project to another.  Tim is removing this corrugated panel that was attached from our awning to the carport. Ugly, Ugly, Ugly. and there was always a leak when it rained.  

He took off the old roof,and built a roof that no longer leaks and is much stronger.

Here they are putting in new stronger beams.

Next he brought in his big trailer to haul off all the old material.

Now all that is left to do on the carport is for Joe to find the time to paint the new wood. It's hard to see but if you click on the picture, you can see the corner of the metal sheeting that replaced that nasty old corrugated panel. It looks nice and no more leaks!

By now, Joe was pretty good at digging ditches. Here he was making room for the Arborvitaes.  

Another project finished

I took a break from all of this and went to see where my grandson Ryan works. I also hadn't seen his new car, so I used it as my back drop for this picture. 

He is a Security Officer at Gresham Station, a mall in Gresham, Oregon. Thanks Ryan for taking time out for Grandma.

Back at the house, in time to document the final step in this particular project.... laying the ground dressing, and spreading the red lava rock. A huge thank you to David for the use of his truck and help in getting this job done!.  As a side note, David was one of the ushers at our wedding.

Beautiful job honey!!!! 

The bathroom in the master bedroom is finished. New light bar, wall to wall mirror,

Counter top and sink,

Bathroom floor repaired, new linoleum, new taller toilet in there also. I love the tile look of the flooring.

We had put a new walk in shower in this bathroom that was connected to Joe's mom's room  a few years ago. So we just added a new counter top and sink 

and new flooring in here.  All that is left to do is paint and that is on the back burner until he finishes painting the carport.

Here, Joe is working on the last of the projects. There is a strip that divides the driveways between us and our neighbor that really needed some attention. So with our manager's approval, Joe tackled that. Killing the weeds and grass, and digging around a drainage pipe that was incorrectly placed, correcting that the best he could,

then he put Preem down, laid ground covering,

All that is left for this project to be finished is getting more red lava rock.

Tim, with help from his friend Bob are putting the finishing touches on the indoor/outdoor/ carpeting on our front porch. Something tickled both their "funny bones"

He replaced the the wood, strengthened the railing and laid the new carpet 

I just had to add this picture of one of my Clematis. It is so pretty this year.

There was enough carpet left over from doing the front porch that Tim was able to recover the back porch too. I love it!!

Except for some painting left to do, we're all done and looking forward to some travel time this summer. Thank you sweetheart for making my castle look even more beautiful. Thank you Tim for all your hard work, but most of all for being our friend!
We would like to add to this post that Tim is also a licensed and bonded contractor. He is also an Oregon State licensed realtor. He is fair and honest and his work is of the finest quality. If you live in the Portland, Tri County area and need home improvement or building done, email me and I'll help you connect with him.