Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Well I sure didn't need this!

I woke  up in the wee hours of the morning last Wednesday with pain in my knee. At our age most of us have aches and pains right?  But this pain didn't go away. Thursday morning I had an appointment with my podiatrist because my heel on my right foot has been hurting so bad I've had to quit my walking except for routine everyday housework. The diagnosis Plantar fasciitis. Well that is under control now, but the knee became so painful over the week I finally hollered uncle and Joe took me to Emergency.

After an X-ray of my knee and an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot, the diagnosis.... Baker's Cyst.  What is that you ask? I took this info from the Internet."A Baker's cyst, named after the British surgeon who described it, is a fluid-filled sac that is caused by excess knee-joint fluid. Excess fluid (produced by the lining of the joint) pushes through the back part of the joint capsule (fibrous tissue that surrounds or envelopes the joint), forms a cyst and protrudes into the back area of the knee, known as the popliteal fossa. A Baker's cyst may also be referred to as a "popliteal cyst."

I was sent home with a prescription for prednisone and pain pills. They gave me a pain pill at the hospital but after one, I think I'll stick to Advil..except at bedtime so both Joe and I can get some sleep. The Doctor said it wasn't a very strong medication but it was way too strong for my liking.  I've never had a pain quite like this.

This morning the pain is still pretty bad if I try to walk, but not bad enough for anything more than the Advil. I'm still using an ice gel pack, resting the leg, keeping the compress wrap on it and looking forward to our trip to Washington. We have some fun things planned, but I will get to experience a wheel chair ride for the first time on these activities. That old adage "it's tough getting old" is pretty real at the moment. But on the bight side of all of this...... so thankful it wasn't a blood clot.