Friday, May 22, 2015

Decoration Day/Memorial Day Memories

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday which is observed on the last Monday of May, and honors U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. Also, Memorial Day had its origin after the War Between the States had ended, and was first named “Decoration Day.”

As a young girl in high school I played in the band and on Memorial Day we would go to the town cemetery and participate in a patriotic ceremony.  Flags were placed on the graves of those who served in the military, and flowers on the graves of loved ones.  Other than that I don't have many memories of Decoration/Memorial day as a young person. 

Now Joe, on the other hand, grew up with memories of family members every Decoration/Memorial day going to the cemetery and decorating graves with flowers
Wednesday we went to my girlfriends home where she had a small tub of flowers for us that she picked from her beautiful Rhody bushes.  Then it was off to Estacada to decorate six graves of family members buried there.

This is his Grandpa and Grandma Graffis's grave.

Not far from there his Uncle Wesley

His dad 

And next to him his momma

And next to her his Uncle Lester

Just above them in the next row is his Aunt Irene and Uncle Mac

After he finished decorating the family graves in Estacada we headed for Willamette National Cemetery where his late wife Rai is buried. This tree plays a very significant role in Joe's life...... It's his landmark for being able to locate her grave with out going to the office and getting a map.  Hope that tree stays around for a lot of years.

He was wishing he had her favorite flower, daffodils, but they bloomed early this year and were already gone. So Rhody's it was again.

The National Cemetery does a good job of mowing lawns but there are way too many graves to give attention to keeping the stone clean and the grass groomed away from the stone.

Picture borrowed from internet

Thursday, boy scouts placed over 140,000 flags on each veterans grave.
We had taken a short cut to get into the cemetery, and on the way out, we went out the main gate. It is always an awesome feeling to me to see the driveways lined with our American Flag.