Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happenings Since My Last Post


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As many of you have already suggested, there's not much to blog about when you're not on the road. But one of Joe's old retired Greyhound buddies who follows our blog, made the statement "I really like your blog but it's what you are doing in between blogs that I'd really like to read about". So Wayne, this is for you.  Last Saturday we attended a luncheon but on by the Retired Greyhound Bus Drivers Club.  Joe took along some of his paraphernalia including  a couple of his hats, pins, and some pictures. 

These pins represent years of service with Greyhound. Joe had 32 years incident, accident free when he retired in 2003.

Joe and his friend Wayne have more in common than being Greyhound Bus Drivers, they both drove for Rocket Ambulance Company in Portland in the 60's.

What else is going on around the Graffis household?  Painting bricks black. Yes you read right.

Then Joe placed them as trim. This week he has been preparing the ground, removing and replanting a few of the plants we are going to keep.
Then he'll lay down landscape fabric before laying down a few inches of small red lava rock. It will be much easier to keep the place looking nice the months we are gone.

This is my first Mr. Lincoln of the season. The fragrance is as wonderful as the beauty of the flower.

The Lilies are beautiful this year.  We cut them clear back to the dirt before we left last fall.

Now for the laugh of the day.  While we were in the desert our friends Delbert and Lunetta shared some potatoes with us that they brought from their home in Idaho. I used all of them but one. Now please keep in mind, I had no idea what I was doing, but I had heard if you cut the potato in pieces and plant the eyes, more potatoes will grow..... So, I took the largest pot I had and cut the potato in four pieces and planted all of them in this one pot and fed them a little miracle grow everyday........need I say more?  Before this is all over potato farmer Betty is going to have potatoes climbing out of the pot.  Oh well, it's fun watching the sprouts grow.

Great Grand Daughter and mommy came to pay us a surprise visit one evening. Here she was telling GG Pa how many grandmas and grandpas she has. It's hard to believe she starts kindergarten in a few months.

Look what came in the mail a couple of days ago. I ordered it from Amazon. We met the Author/Illustrator, Chris Demarest a couple years ago at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  

Looking forward to reading to great grand kiddos

My Honey makes the best pancakes ever.

That is Huckleberry Syrup on them

We sure have been having some beautiful sunsets.
There you go Wayne.  Hope you've enjoyed reading about what goes on when nothing is going on.