Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Proud Grandma This Evening

In my last post I asked the question "Why does my granddaughter and her family have such big smiles? Well I ask that same question again this evening only this time it is her older sister and family (except the two younger ones) with the big smiles. I will let her put it in her own words why  the big smiles. She posted this on her Facebook. "OK everyone. OUR BIG NEWS~~DRUM ROLL PLEASE. Yep, we are officially HOME OWNERS!!!!!!! 3 years ago this month we were given the opportunity to buy our first house. Thank you to my amazing hubby for working his butt off to pay it off. We are so excited and grateful for this chapter of our lives." I am proud of all my grandchildren but tonight it's "congratulations" to my first born grandchild and her husband!! 

Please click on pictures to enlarge

I like to have a little something to put on my picnic table outside when we are traveling.   I found this little geranium at Freddy's 

I found this old fashion purse lined with a type of moss when my sister and I visited Vassy's Nursery in Puyallup last week and decided some Alyssum would look nice in it.  Joe thought it needed to be looked after by the little raccoons that were originally in the flower beds. So both of these will travel with us this summer along with the raccoons to look after them.

These bricks leading from our steps to the street are almost 50 years old.  I think they have character but Joe thinks they need to be replaced because some of them are loose. I found some the size we will need at Lowe's. So it looks like another project is in the books for this summer.

I know I have posted pictures of our home before, but I love spring and summer here. Joe has worked so hard to get it all back in shape. If you click on the picture and look real close to the left, he is finishing up the last bit of weeding in the gravel driveway. And look at those fluffy white clouds and blue skies.  Good weather in store until the middle of next week. The rain helps make Oregon beautiful but the sun makes us feel oh so good.  Have a wonderful weekend.~~