Sunday, April 12, 2015

Going To Take Three Days To Catch Up ~ Day 3

As I said in my last post, we brought Joe's daughter and the grandkids back with us in the motorhome. We did some errands Tuesday morning, had a belated birthday lunch with "Aunt Chris", played some more Fast Track and put them on the train back to Seattle Tuesday evening. Grandson had never been on a train.

This is Amtrak Cascade line. It goes from Eugene to Portland, then on to Seattle.

The lady conductor greeted them warmly and showed them to their seats, with a table and a "water view", meaning they had a view of of the water where ever there was a river, bay or sound, from Portland to Seattle.  

Borrowed this from his mom..... her caption... "Oh the life of a teenager"
Why is my granddaughter and her family have such big smiles?
Because they have just purchased their first home!  Jesse works as a truck driver in the oil fields in North Dakota. He's gone for weeks at a time, comes home for a couple weeks then back to the oil fields.  They signed the papers on their trailer and moved in while he was home this time. He also built a beautiful porch and steps and plans on building a huge deck off the patio door this summer.  Congratulations kids!

Arizona and Bronson come to visit GG and Joe

Bronson was napping in the car so was pretty quiet for a while trying to wake up.
Helping daddy play Mexican Train

When we left for the desert in October she was so tiny and look at her now. She'll be a year old in June.

Daddy was tickling them.

Well I'm caught up. But not for long. Joe just made the comment this morning while looking at his calendar...."May is almost full"