Friday, April 10, 2015

Going To Take Three Days To Catch Up ~ Day 1

After being gone six months, as we rounded the corner of our house, we were dismayed to see all the weeds and small branches from wind blows.

It was a nice day. So we unloaded what was necessary, then Joe spent the rest of the day, weeding and cleaning. 

 My daughter in law took care of forwarding our important mail while we were gone (thank you again Patty) and I asked her to put all the junk mail in one place, which she did.  It filled one of my laundry baskets. So I started shredding. I don't think I'll ever get caught up.

Joe finished just in time.  The rain made everything look so nice and fresh. 

It was good to see and feel the rain after being in the desert for so long.
Last Tuesday, we left for my sister's house for the Easter holiday. Boy, talk about rain.

By the time we got to Bonney Lake though, the weather was pretty nice.

So on Wednesday, my sister and I enjoyed time at The Windmill Village and Gardens  in Sumner.  I get my tea at at the Tea Madame there, and the gift shop is fun to wander around in too. We also went to Vassey Nursery in Puyallup.

Do you  notice that the little pine cones on this tree are red? I wish I had written down the name of the tree.
What a clever idea for a garden.
This was one of my favorite displays at Vassy's

 Friday, we hired Joe as our chauffeur and went to Watson's Nursery also in Puyallup.  He kept himself busy with his ipad in the little Deli and also kept track of the Miami Open (Tennis) while Jan and I enjoyed the Nursery and their wonderful and huge gift shop. I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures. I was having too much fun.

This is looking out Jan's patio door.  She has squirrels there and they gave us quite a bit of entertainment. She lays out bread for them. He starts at the bird house up the tree and watches us for awhile. 

Then slowly makes his way down the tree to the rail.

"Hmmm this is quite a stretch.....

Then he'd sit there and full his cheeks so full, then scamper off and bury the bread in the dirt at the foot of the tree.

We have a nice place to park the truck house with full hookups too. (Thanks Linda and Rich for all you have done to fix it up down there.)

Friday the three of us went to Sumner Cemetery where many of our family members are buried including my son ( he died 10 days before his first birthday in 1965.) We are standing at our mom's grave. My brother is buried way back behind me near those trees.  My sister's in laws are buried here too.

Then it was off to another item on our bucket list. A visit to The Old Cannery just down the road from the cemetery. Left to right, my sister Janice, Debbie, the buyer who has been there 17 years, and Nick a great employee. Debbie gave us a friendly welcome, asking if she could help and when we told her no we just love coming here and it's something we do every time we are up here, she marched us over to the candy store and gave us each a pound of fudge.  (No I didn't give in to my sweet tooth)

The Cannery is hard to explain.  You have to experience it.  Acres of furniture and fun.The square footage of the showroom is approximately 80,000 sq. ft. The whole facility encompasses approximately 500,000 sq. ft., which is how the slogan "Ten Acres of Furniture" came about. Every major holiday, out in their parking lot, they serve free hot dogs and soda.

Fun things to see everywhere you look, Even the chickens in the cage talk....

My sister sitting in one of their many, many comfortable chairs, talking to her grandson. Tomorrow, I will continue "catching up " with our activities since we've been home.