Friday, March 13, 2015

Just Another Couple Of Fine Days In The Desert

I always enjoy this evening view at Catalina Spa.

A Morning of Pickleball

Saw these Beaver Tail Cactus the other morning on my walk.

Wednesday we spent part of the day in Palm Springs just window shopping and people watching. Blooming trees and flowers are everywhere around here.

We found a nice little cafe on a side street called Cafe Jasmine  We had a half sandwich and a cup of Chicken Noodle soup.  The noodles were more of a spatzle but oh, so good. We ate out on the patio beside this fountain.

It was sad to know the Palm Springs Follies have closed their doors.

We always enjoy seeing the star's names on the sidewalks

Even though it was a Wednesday, there were a lot of people downtown. I imagine with the BNP Paribas in full swing at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens, and the season for us snow birds winding down,that might be a couple of reasons why so many people were there.

If we can, we try to park at a little parking lot near La Plaza as it is centrally located to places we like to see. 

There are little shops, plenty of restaurants and even a wedding chapel here.

Even though it didn't rain on our parade, the clouds were certainly trying to make us believe was going to rain.

Today was laundry day. There is a larger  laundry room on the upper level in this park but I prefer the  little laundry room in the lower level where we are parked.  

I especially like the art work on the walls.  It's very peaceful in there and only one time have I had to wait to get a machine and then not very long because the lady and I had a nice visit which made the time go faster.  Two washers, two dryers.  $1.25 each. I can dry three loads of laundry between the two dryers, because the $1.25 buys you 50 minutes and I never dry my clothes that long.

On the way back to the truck house after finishing the laundry I walked by these pretty flowers and thought I'd share them with you.

The next three pictures were taken from the Internet

 Tomorrow morning we are headed to College of the Desert Street Fair for the last time this season to pick up some last minute items we want to take home with us.
 Then on to  Palm Springs Air Museum for a couple of reasons.  First to say goodbye to our friend Chris, Who is such an awesome, professional artist, illustrator and story teller and good friend.

 While we are there, we will be getting to see the  B29 FiFi .  This morning we saw it flying over our RV Park twice. It is going to be a great experience to see it up close and personal. 
The rest time here will be taken up with watching Tennis at The Indian Wells Tennis Gardens (on TV of course) and me helping a couple of friends learn more about their laptops and Joe getting in a few more hours of pickleball and horseshoes in the sun. Enjoy your weekend. It's suppose to be in the 90's here.