Monday, February 16, 2015

I'm Back

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted. Not much to blog about. I'm walking 10-13 thousand steps a day and feeling really good. That is walking about an hour each day, and the rest of the steps come from just every day routine that involves moving from the time I get up until I go to bed. I've really enjoyed my Fitbit Flex I like the fact that it celebrates by making a buzzing movement on my wrist when I've met my goal, and reminds me to move when I haven't "moved enough".

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This past weekend was the annual Thousand Trails Palm Springs RV Resort Horseshoe tournament. It was very well attended. Joe pitched, but I've seen him pitch better....

Joe is standing beside our good friend Carolyn who got him to join NHSPA about ten years ago. We met her and her husband at Tall Chief RV Resort. They also enjoyed playing pool together.

Yesterday we took a day trip to Big Bear, around the lake and on to Lake Arrowhead. I love pine cones of any size. I really wanted to see a huge Sugar Pine Cone but alas, none was to be found this time.  I did convince Joe to let me bring home two about this size. This branch was laying in the parking lot, so after enjoying it and taking pictures of many others, I laid this in the bushes for someone else to enjoy.

We saw snow, but none on the road.

The views were incredible

The lower end of Big Bear Lake was lower than we've ever seen it.

The upper end was beautiful. I had to take these while the car was moving. There was no room to pull over and the traffic was "bumper to bumper"

Lake Arrowhead is one of our favorite places to visit each season we come South.

We ate lunch at Woody's. This was the view from where we sat and the food was wonderful.  So was the service.

Here are a few pictures of the village.

And Mr. "G" has his own gift shop here 

I have been working on getting over my fear of dogs. We have quite a few pets in our  Lewis and Clark club. Now how can anyone be afraid of these lovers.  This is Romeo and he is always looking for his "Juliet" Romeo is a mixture of Papillon and I think Chihuahua. Nancy please correct me if this is wrong. 
The Papillon (from the French word for butterfly) derives it's name from its characteristic butterfly like look of the long and fringed hair on the ears.

Description taken from the Internet)

Another dog endearing himself to me is "Toby"  He is such a gentleman. He is going to be disappointed on his walk tomorrow.  He knew where we "lived" and now we have moved on to another park. But I just bet he'll remember me when we see him at our next club rally. Ms. Betty gives him treats.

My  newest dog friend is Tika. He is a beautiful bird dog and I've been told is a great hunter.

We ended our time at TT Palm Springs with an early supper at Coco's. 

and an evening of playing fast track. It's been a fun two weeks with Lewis and Clark  Club members and Horseshoe tournament friends.