Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Nice End To An Already Good Day

We ate an early supper at  Cracker Barrel yesterday and parked right in front of these beautiful flowers.

 Another car pulled up beside us as I took these pictures. His comment was "don't you have flowers where you're from?"  Will someone please tell me the name of these?

As usual, as long as we were in Yuma, after we ate we headed for the fairgrounds parking lot  so Joe could get his "jet fix"  We didn't bring the Nikon camera with us and he doesn't like my IPhone, so I was the photographer.  Touch and Go was the name of the game this day. Two and sometimes three at a time and LOUD. 

It was sooooo cold out there too. I had just picked up this little hat/scarf set at a craft sale at the fairgrounds. Sure came in handy.

I had posted this on Facebook and thought I'd have some fun with it here.. Now you have to have a really good imagination, but do you see the space ship?  If not, look close, see the four little white windows... and the dark saucer cloud above it?

The end to our nice day today was receiving a call from Sandi inviting us to join her and Jim and another blogger couple Ray and Cindy for a bite to eat at Five Guys. What a fun time that was.  So many nice people in "Bloggerville"