Monday, January 12, 2015

Music and Wings

This picture was borrowed from the Internet
Sunday afternoon we went to the Yuma Historical Theater and enjoyed hearing The New Christy Minstrels
There is a story behind this picture.This is Mr. Dolan Ellis, Founder of the Arizona Folklore Preserve  And  Arizona's Official State Balladeer. He was pretty impressed that we knew his title and had been to the preserve and asked if we wanted a picture with him. Well sure... but he was blocked in by someone interviewing Randy Sparks. So someone behind us took my phone and took this for us.  
This is Mr. and Mrs. Dave Deutschendorf. Dave was the bass singer. When he isn't singing with the Christy Minstrels, he sings gospel. Old hymns of the church which Joe and I both enjoy.  The twist to this story is, He is the uncle of the late John Denver.

This is Becky Jo Benson and Vicca the Show Dog. Becky Jo plays banjo and is also a vocalist and has been with the group since 1997, Vicca enters at the beginning of the show with the rest of the group and lays on a big red pillow until Intermission, then exits with the group. At the beginning the last half, she enters off leash and goes right to her pillow again and doesn't move until the end of the show.  What a dog.
As we exited the theater we see this. Yep, rain. I could have had this in Oregon. hmmm

Water running down the streets, forming puddles everywhere.

And with the rain came a beautiful rainbow

And if you look closely, it's a double rainbow.

A couple of days ago, I bought a thistle sack for the little finches around here.  There wasn't much action where I had it so I moved it to a higher branch more out in the open. They found it in a hurry. What a mess they made. Seed and poops, everywhere including the edge of the picnic table.  And they emptied half the bag before 4 in the afternoon.  So we bought a couple more and hung them on the other side of the tree. I'm sure they'll find it there too but it's away from the table now.
So later this morning we headed for one of our favorite places in Yuma.  The parking lot of the Yuma Fairgrounds, at the end of the runway of the Marine Airbase across the highway.

Next to the parking lot is the Yuma Conservation Garden

We come out here a lot. So Joe can enjoy the planes landing and taking off

And I can enjoy the wings of these beautiful fowl. This gander was the alpha guy.  The keepers of the gardens bring lettuce, fruits and feed to the ducks and geese and he chases them off until he has all he wants.

I am on the other side of the fence, taking the pictures through the fencing holes. It's very peaceful to knit and watch them.

That is until one or two of these at a time come screaming across the top of the car.... But that's what is all about. Joe and his wings, 
And me and mine

On the way home we stopped to get gas at Sams Club.  Nice huh!