Monday, January 5, 2015

It Was A Long Week But He's Baaaaaack :)

As I mentioned in my last blog, Joe had to fly home for his uncle's funeral. George and Suzie Yates who were in the park at the time, were kind enough to drive him to the airport in our car and bring me back home as I don't like to drive in unfamiliar places with lots of traffic if I don't have to.  There is a Poem  called THE DASH that reminds me of the remainder of my week while Joe was gone. So I'm going to tell you about my dash between the dates.  George helped me hook the water hose back up to the motor home. I couldn't get the threads right. I had disconnected it so it wouldn't freeze up.

About 4:30 Friday Morning, a very loud chirping sound woke me up. Half asleep and thinking it was the smoke alarm, I tried to get it off the ceiling.  Not exactly a tall woman, I stood on my tip toes (instead of using the stool right beside me)  lost my balance and knocked the thing clean off the ceiling  and it landed in three pieces on the floor.... and the chirping got louder. How could it make noise without the battery I thought. 
Next I walked over to this alarm by our bed. Nope.... not a sound coming out of it.
I knew we had a carbon monoxide detector and a propane detector, but didn't know which was which.   I just knew you can't smell carbon monoxide and it can kill you.... so I got dressed at 4:45 in the morning left the motor home and the terrible loud chirping and started walking  hoping someone else would be out walking ...that I could maybe talk to about how to fix this problem. You can't believe how many people are walking very fast or running that time of the morning. No one talks they just move fast. I didn't want to call the number for the Security person here in the park at that time of the morning because it wasn't really an emergency.  I called my Joe. Like, really, what could he do to help way up in Portland, Oregon and I'm clear down here in Desert Hot Springs, California?????? All I did was stress  him because he wasn't here to help.  We both knew George and Suzie said if you need help while Joe is gone please tell  us. But come on people...... who wants to knock on your friends door that time of morning?  Well about 5:45 I got up nerve enough to knock on their door and tell them what was going on. George had been up since 4:30!!  So shortly he was on his way over to see if he could solve the problem.  Sure enough. It was the propane alarm. But no smell. He pushed the reset button twice. Nothing but the chirping. BUT the third time, he held the button in for a few seconds and then silence.......golden, wonderful, silence and the green light was back on.  Joe was on the phone, so he talked to George for a couple of minutes reassured him I was fine just no nerves left.  George put the smoke alarm back together with a new battery and then left  to continue getting ready to leave for Canada to  attend to some family member health issues later that morning.  

George and Susie Your "spot" is awfully big and awfully empty. We are continuing to pray for safe travels for you George as you continue your journey home with the motor home and car, and Susie for strength  doing what needs to be done and comfort missing your George until he returns home.

Palm Springs International Airport

So Sunday even though I knew there were people here in the park that were more than willing to help me get to the airport, I decided I could, and needed to do it myself.  So come about 10:30AM I left, following Joe's directions to the "T". Only problem, he made one little mistake.  He was sitting in the airport in Portland when I called and said "Joe I'm not even close to where I think I should have turned.  His reply, I'm so sorry honey I knew I made a mistake I should have told you to turn on Ramon.... No problem. I asked the Lord for guidance and with His help, managed to get my self turned around headed for Ramon and made it to the airport safe and sound and even found a place to park in the front row.  Now here is the "kicker"  His plane wasn't due in until 5:39 pm ....... But there wasn't as much traffic in the morning. I just enjoyed people watching, walking, having a nice lunch and knitting. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Please click on the picture to see that happy smile.

I don't know who was happier to see who. But we both agreed. From now on, we go together, or we don't go at all.  And just so you know, you can bet, I'm going to learn every thing I can learn about this truck house of ours.  You would be surprised how many women and (men too maybe?) who don't know about these alarms , fuses and what ever else can go wrong!!!

Today after we got home from running last minute errands before we leave for Pilot Knob near Yuma in the morning, look  who I got to meet!!! Yes,  Fellow Blogger Sue and Mo  What nice, nice, ladies and fun to visit with. We are looking forward to meeting them again sometime back in Oregon. I was delighted with the invitation they gave to take us kayaking sometime.  Don't think I could get Joe to go  but I do believe in miracles.