Thursday, January 1, 2015

Three more sleeps

I finished this blog, got ready to hit the publish button and noticed the whole first  half of the blog was gone. Grrrrr. I enjoyed watching the Rose Parade this morning on the Hallmark channel commercial free. 
 This was the first time in the last 4 days I've opened the curtains. I was trying to keep the heat in and the cold out. Today the sun felt good coming through the window.  Last night I disconnected the water hose from the spigot and the MH because it was forcasted to be below freezing.  This morning I hooked it back up but couldn't get it to thread to the water pressure apparatus.These fingers of mine just can't apply pressure any more.  So I took a walk over to George and Suzie's.  Had a nice visit with Suzie while we waited for George to come back from the pool.  They shared with me a generous portion of some carrot cake he made last night. Boy is that tasty!! I saved some of it for tomorrow.  I went back to my place and in a few minutes George was there and had the hose all hooked up again. Thank you so much George.

Seven week old great grandson Timothy is all ready for the Rose Bowl Game! And if he could talk I'm sure he would be saying "Go Ducks"

 I watched the Rose Bowl game in Desert Hot Springs and Joe watched it with my son in Milwaukie. David brought a Pizza over for them to share.  What a game!!! The Ducks were crazy good, with a 59-20 win. I felt that the Florida team showed poor sportsmanship when a good share of the team walked off the field without shaking hands with the Ducks.  I thought that's what teams did when the game is finished. But I guess not.......

I asked David to take a couple of pictures of Joe and send them via my phone. This one is so typical of Joe.  When it's cold outside, he just can not get warm. He has layers of clothing on wool socks and fleece lined slippers.  Not a whole lot of heat comes out of our electric fireplace. The thermostat is set at  76 and it looks like David has a blanket over him too.   Well three more sleeps and he'll be back down here.  By the time he gets to  Palm Springs it will be back in the 70's  and we leave for Pilot Knob near Yuma on Tuesday.
Praying the Lords blessings for our family and friends on this New Year.