Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Blog Is Going to Take A Rest Too

I wish this would have turned out better, but almost all the leaves are off our red lace leaf maple. It had rained really hard, and the rain drops looked like glass drops.

 In my last blog, the update on Joe was, Dr. Hu, his oncologist has rescheduled  his first chemo treatment on December 16th. She wants to make sure his incision is healed and he is a little stronger after having the bowel resection.  She said just take the next 2+ weeks and rest and recuperate. That's exactly what we are doing.
This is the large poinsettia we got from Costco from the Christmas money Joe's Aunt Marlene gave us.

So my blog is also going to take a rest. If there is any updates that need to be posted I will do that but otherwise there will be no posts until the 16th. Talk to you all later.  God Bless you for all your continued prayers and well wishes.

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