Monday, November 23, 2015

Subtle Changes

It came to me while Joe was still in the hospital that maybe I should apply for a handicap card.  I really don't like to drive and Joe loves to drive. So he did all the driving. Now I find myself in a position of having to do ALL the driving until the Dr. says Joe can drive again.  We know there will be days ahead that he's not going to feel like driving.  So about a week ago, I got in the car,  (I was staying at the hospital) and drove to the DVM in Gladstone. Now normally that would be a piece of cake for most drivers. But keep in mind I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've driven since I married Joe 11 1/2 years ago.  Got the application, drove back to the hospital and dropped it off at the Dr.'s office. Friday, I picked it up and when Joe was discharged, I drove him home. He graded me an A+. Today, we had to go back to see the Dr. again.  Seems Joe's incision isn't healing as it should.  So Doc took care of that little matter by opening a small area so it can drain faster, told me to change the dressing twice a day and sent him home with a prescription for some pretty high powered antibiotics. That meant stopping at Fred Meyers and a medical supply company close to us.It was getting dark and raining, and I don't see very well at night because of the cataracts.   So that's where the first subtle change came..... Being able to park closer to where I need to take him was nice. The first of many changes, I'm sure

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