Thursday, November 12, 2015

Friday Is Coming At Us Like A Freight Train

My Hero

Tomorrow is the day. Things have happened so fast since October 31st.  It feels like Friday  came at us like a freight train speeding down the tracks. My emotions have been like a roller coaster.  I told my girlfriend its sort of like the ocean in Depot Bay, Oregon. We stand on the sidewalk and at a distance it looks beautiful and calm. But if you watch the waves, as they come closer the calmness turns into bigger waves and then they crash sometimes with spray on to the rocks below.  But I am safe because I'm standing on solid ground.   The words to this hymn bring me comfort tonight.

Sweep Over My Soul,
Sweep Over My Soul,
Sweet Spirit, Sweep Over My Soul
My rest is complete as I sit at Your feet, Sweet Spirit Sweep over My Soul.

Joe is sitting beside me as I write this and wants everyone to know how grateful he is for all the prayers, well wishes, cards  and Barb, for the CD you sent him.

I will post again tomorrow evening with an update.

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