Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Friends and A Beautiful Sunset

I am a member of a group on Face Book called Thousand Trails - Good and Bad. A couple of days ago, I posted that we would be coming into TT Birch Bay on Monday and a Mr. Moody also a member of the group said they would be coming in on Tuesday.  This morning, Joe was pitching horseshoes. (the horse shoe pits are fairly close to the welcome center) and we noticed a very nice Lazy Daze RV checking in. As the driver was getting into his rig, Joe commented to him how much he liked the RV. Low and be hold, we get back to our rig later and this Lazy Daze is parked right across from us. Later, Joe was outside doing was he does best, cleaning on our rig and  I was busy on the computer and Joe asked me to come outside. He had four chairs set up and two of them were occupied by this very nice couple!! Jim and Denice Moody!  The very one who casually commented  on FB they would be coming in today. Neither of us had a clue who the other was when they parked their RV across from us.  We had such an enjoyable time visiting with them, finding out we had a lot in common too.  We are looking forward to meeting up with them again this winter in California.

This evening we went down to the water to watch the beautiful sunset here

This little boy was to the left of our car (yes his parents were close by  keeping an eye on him)  Joe said he sure didn't need electronic devices to keep him entertained.  He was having so much fun seeing how far he could skip rocks on the water.

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