Sunday, August 30, 2015

Heartbroken Smile

I love to smile and I love to laugh.  Sure, I have tears sometimes, but they soon pass and the the joy returns. Many years ago in my darkest valley, My sister who, herself, was working through the loss of her beloved husband came to visit and we went for a walk. I was pouring out my heart to her when she suddenly stopped and said something like this. "Betty, stop! you can't even hear the birds singing"  She was so right. I was so wrapped up in my own pain I couldn't see or hear the pain (or the joy) of those around me. That conversation changed my outlook on life. Now when I am sad, first I ask the Lord to change my sadness in to joy then I start looking for the good in whatever the bad is.  If you look hard and long enough you can find something positive about the situation. I guess I'm just a "Pollyanna" at heart.  So when I saw this video this morning on my Facebook page, I just knew I had to share it with my blogger friends. So click on the link below, enlarge to full screen and enjoy .

Heartbroken Smile

Last night, we received a phone call from North Dakota informing us of the death of a friend Joe has known since childhood. A few days before that we received a phone call telling us one of our RV friends we met on our honeymoon in Soap Lake, Washington had died. Joe and I talked about this, acknowledging the older we get the more of these phone calls we are going to get.  So how do we smile about phone calls like that??  You don't. You shed tears, then try to remember all the wonderful times you had with these friends and family members. Then you find others that  are hurting .......and try doing random acts of kindness to them.  You both will smile.

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