Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Well I sure didn't need this!

I woke  up in the wee hours of the morning last Wednesday with pain in my knee. At our age most of us have aches and pains right?  But this pain didn't go away. Thursday morning I had an appointment with my podiatrist because my heel on my right foot has been hurting so bad I've had to quit my walking except for routine everyday housework. The diagnosis Plantar fasciitis. Well that is under control now, but the knee became so painful over the week I finally hollered uncle and Joe took me to Emergency.

After an X-ray of my knee and an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot, the diagnosis.... Baker's Cyst.  What is that you ask? I took this info from the Internet."A Baker's cyst, named after the British surgeon who described it, is a fluid-filled sac that is caused by excess knee-joint fluid. Excess fluid (produced by the lining of the joint) pushes through the back part of the joint capsule (fibrous tissue that surrounds or envelopes the joint), forms a cyst and protrudes into the back area of the knee, known as the popliteal fossa. A Baker's cyst may also be referred to as a "popliteal cyst."

I was sent home with a prescription for prednisone and pain pills. They gave me a pain pill at the hospital but after one, I think I'll stick to Advil..except at bedtime so both Joe and I can get some sleep. The Doctor said it wasn't a very strong medication but it was way too strong for my liking.  I've never had a pain quite like this.

This morning the pain is still pretty bad if I try to walk, but not bad enough for anything more than the Advil. I'm still using an ice gel pack, resting the leg, keeping the compress wrap on it and looking forward to our trip to Washington. We have some fun things planned, but I will get to experience a wheel chair ride for the first time on these activities. That old adage "it's tough getting old" is pretty real at the moment. But on the bight side of all of this...... so thankful it wasn't a blood clot.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Decoration Day/Memorial Day Memories

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday which is observed on the last Monday of May, and honors U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. Also, Memorial Day had its origin after the War Between the States had ended, and was first named “Decoration Day.”

As a young girl in high school I played in the band and on Memorial Day we would go to the town cemetery and participate in a patriotic ceremony.  Flags were placed on the graves of those who served in the military, and flowers on the graves of loved ones.  Other than that I don't have many memories of Decoration/Memorial day as a young person. 

Now Joe, on the other hand, grew up with memories of family members every Decoration/Memorial day going to the cemetery and decorating graves with flowers
Wednesday we went to my girlfriends home where she had a small tub of flowers for us that she picked from her beautiful Rhody bushes.  Then it was off to Estacada to decorate six graves of family members buried there.

This is his Grandpa and Grandma Graffis's grave.

Not far from there his Uncle Wesley

His dad 

And next to him his momma

And next to her his Uncle Lester

Just above them in the next row is his Aunt Irene and Uncle Mac

After he finished decorating the family graves in Estacada we headed for Willamette National Cemetery where his late wife Rai is buried. This tree plays a very significant role in Joe's life...... It's his landmark for being able to locate her grave with out going to the office and getting a map.  Hope that tree stays around for a lot of years.

He was wishing he had her favorite flower, daffodils, but they bloomed early this year and were already gone. So Rhody's it was again.

The National Cemetery does a good job of mowing lawns but there are way too many graves to give attention to keeping the stone clean and the grass groomed away from the stone.

Picture borrowed from internet

Thursday, boy scouts placed over 140,000 flags on each veterans grave.
We had taken a short cut to get into the cemetery, and on the way out, we went out the main gate. It is always an awesome feeling to me to see the driveways lined with our American Flag. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happenings Since My Last Post


Please click on pictures to enlarge

As many of you have already suggested, there's not much to blog about when you're not on the road. But one of Joe's old retired Greyhound buddies who follows our blog, made the statement "I really like your blog but it's what you are doing in between blogs that I'd really like to read about". So Wayne, this is for you.  Last Saturday we attended a luncheon but on by the Retired Greyhound Bus Drivers Club.  Joe took along some of his paraphernalia including  a couple of his hats, pins, and some pictures. 

These pins represent years of service with Greyhound. Joe had 32 years incident, accident free when he retired in 2003.

Joe and his friend Wayne have more in common than being Greyhound Bus Drivers, they both drove for Rocket Ambulance Company in Portland in the 60's.

What else is going on around the Graffis household?  Painting bricks black. Yes you read right.

Then Joe placed them as trim. This week he has been preparing the ground, removing and replanting a few of the plants we are going to keep.
Then he'll lay down landscape fabric before laying down a few inches of small red lava rock. It will be much easier to keep the place looking nice the months we are gone.

This is my first Mr. Lincoln of the season. The fragrance is as wonderful as the beauty of the flower.

The Lilies are beautiful this year.  We cut them clear back to the dirt before we left last fall.

Now for the laugh of the day.  While we were in the desert our friends Delbert and Lunetta shared some potatoes with us that they brought from their home in Idaho. I used all of them but one. Now please keep in mind, I had no idea what I was doing, but I had heard if you cut the potato in pieces and plant the eyes, more potatoes will grow..... So, I took the largest pot I had and cut the potato in four pieces and planted all of them in this one pot and fed them a little miracle grow everyday........need I say more?  Before this is all over potato farmer Betty is going to have potatoes climbing out of the pot.  Oh well, it's fun watching the sprouts grow.

Great Grand Daughter and mommy came to pay us a surprise visit one evening. Here she was telling GG Pa how many grandmas and grandpas she has. It's hard to believe she starts kindergarten in a few months.

Look what came in the mail a couple of days ago. I ordered it from Amazon. We met the Author/Illustrator, Chris Demarest a couple years ago at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  

Looking forward to reading to great grand kiddos

My Honey makes the best pancakes ever.

That is Huckleberry Syrup on them

We sure have been having some beautiful sunsets.
There you go Wayne.  Hope you've enjoyed reading about what goes on when nothing is going on.