Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Flowers And My Vision

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Joe has been  wanting to do this for a long time. The motor home is directly behind him.  He is going to plant arborvitaes right behind the flowers to form a hedge so we don't have to see our neighbor's back and side yard..... We can't do much about the grass beside Joe. That's another neighbor's grown over garden.  The flowers in front will eventually creep over the top and down the walls of the beds he built from the sculptured concrete bricks that lined the front flower beds. I'll show that project when he's finished with it.

I'm still walking and back up to my daily goal of 10,000 steps. That's 12 times around our mobile home park.  I try to break it up in to four times of 3 laps around.  7:00 and 10:00 in the morning and 1:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon. Today's total was 10,558 steps,  4 miles.

I like to look at what other residents in our park have in their gardens. Carol P. these first two pictures made me think of you today.

I listen to Southern Gospel Music on Pandora on my iPhone while I am walking. Some of my favorite artists are  Don Moen, Anthony Burger, Bill Gaither and Gaither Vocal Band, Guy Penrod and The Booth Brothers just to name a few.

Yes, I walk in the rain, just use my umbrella. If it is heavy rain and wind though, I wait it out and most of the time, there is enough breaks in the day that I can at least get a few minutes in at a time.

Oh, and here is my big news of the day. Today I met with my Opthamologist and I am scheduled to have cataract surgery on my left eye July 15th and on August 3rd  I will have the right eye done.  Thank you to all of my blogger friends and family who have had this done and blogged about it on here.  I wasn't looking forward to having it done, but your positive reports have given me a new outlook. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Proud Grandma This Evening

In my last post I asked the question "Why does my granddaughter and her family have such big smiles? Well I ask that same question again this evening only this time it is her older sister and family (except the two younger ones) with the big smiles. I will let her put it in her own words why  the big smiles. She posted this on her Facebook. "OK everyone. OUR BIG NEWS~~DRUM ROLL PLEASE. Yep, we are officially HOME OWNERS!!!!!!! 3 years ago this month we were given the opportunity to buy our first house. Thank you to my amazing hubby for working his butt off to pay it off. We are so excited and grateful for this chapter of our lives." I am proud of all my grandchildren but tonight it's "congratulations" to my first born grandchild and her husband!! 

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I like to have a little something to put on my picnic table outside when we are traveling.   I found this little geranium at Freddy's 

I found this old fashion purse lined with a type of moss when my sister and I visited Vassy's Nursery in Puyallup last week and decided some Alyssum would look nice in it.  Joe thought it needed to be looked after by the little raccoons that were originally in the flower beds. So both of these will travel with us this summer along with the raccoons to look after them.

These bricks leading from our steps to the street are almost 50 years old.  I think they have character but Joe thinks they need to be replaced because some of them are loose. I found some the size we will need at Lowe's. So it looks like another project is in the books for this summer.

I know I have posted pictures of our home before, but I love spring and summer here. Joe has worked so hard to get it all back in shape. If you click on the picture and look real close to the left, he is finishing up the last bit of weeding in the gravel driveway. And look at those fluffy white clouds and blue skies.  Good weather in store until the middle of next week. The rain helps make Oregon beautiful but the sun makes us feel oh so good.  Have a wonderful weekend.~~

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Going To Take Three Days To Catch Up ~ Day 3

As I said in my last post, we brought Joe's daughter and the grandkids back with us in the motorhome. We did some errands Tuesday morning, had a belated birthday lunch with "Aunt Chris", played some more Fast Track and put them on the train back to Seattle Tuesday evening. Grandson had never been on a train.

This is Amtrak Cascade line. It goes from Eugene to Portland, then on to Seattle.

The lady conductor greeted them warmly and showed them to their seats, with a table and a "water view", meaning they had a view of of the water where ever there was a river, bay or sound, from Portland to Seattle.  

Borrowed this from his mom..... her caption... "Oh the life of a teenager"
Why is my granddaughter and her family have such big smiles?
Because they have just purchased their first home!  Jesse works as a truck driver in the oil fields in North Dakota. He's gone for weeks at a time, comes home for a couple weeks then back to the oil fields.  They signed the papers on their trailer and moved in while he was home this time. He also built a beautiful porch and steps and plans on building a huge deck off the patio door this summer.  Congratulations kids!

Arizona and Bronson come to visit GG and Joe

Bronson was napping in the car so was pretty quiet for a while trying to wake up.
Helping daddy play Mexican Train

When we left for the desert in October she was so tiny and look at her now. She'll be a year old in June.

Daddy was tickling them.

Well I'm caught up. But not for long. Joe just made the comment this morning while looking at his calendar...."May is almost full"  

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Going To Take Three Days To Catch Up ~ Day 2

Jan is going to have a lot of plums on her tree this year. The two bushes near the tree are blueberries.

Bonney Lake has lots of hills, and a few lakes too. On this day we were taking a walk around Lake Jane. 
In the evenings, we played our new favorite game, Fast Track.
Saturday we headed to Redmond, WA to have an early Easter with Joe's daughter and grand kids. I always enjoy this view of Bellevue from the freeway on our way there.
Daughter Kelly getting Easter Brunch ready and enjoying the flowers dad gave her.
Beautiful table setting for Easter Brunch

Joe's son in law and grand kids obviously having some good laughs while waiting to eat.

Later in the afternoon we returned to my sisters house. Easter Sunday morning we went to church with her and about 12:30 family members started to arrive. I have to laugh because in all the years Jan has lived in this house, ( over 35) it seems when relatives come for an event, the men stand in the hallway and visit and the gals gather in the kitchen until time to eat.

This sweet sister of mine is the "hostess with the mostest" Easter in the past has always been sit down dinners. Tables room, dining room, kitchen, and a couple of the smaller kids even ate at the piano bench.  The first year Joe and I came for  dinner there were 50 family members and friends.  This year, the count was down to 37. Tables were everywhere again, but it was buffet style.  It really helps that it's Pot Luck and a great variety.  She in the past has provided the meat, this year we did. A spiral cut ham from Costco and oh so good. And the weather was nice until evening so some of the folks spread out to the Gazebo.

I took this picture from her neighbors yard, who, by the way, told Jan to have some of them park in his driveway if needed.

One of the sisters in law, at work one evening, made the stencil for this cake. Then used powdered sugar to finish the decoration.

Lots of variety with the deserts

Just a portion of the food. the rest was on the other counter

A long time Lidstrom tradition. After dinner it's time for a good game of basketball
My great niece who was sitting on her soccer ball in the previous picture wound up kicking the ball to her cousin in the back yard.

While the basketball and soccer game was going on, the sister in laws were upstairs in the bedroom filling plastic eggs with candy and goodies. 

Then while they took a good rest the older kids hid the eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt

About five o'clock we headed back up to Redmond to spend the night because in the morning we packed up Kelly and the kids and took them back to Milwaukie with us. We ended the evening with a few good games of Fast Track again. Every one but me one a game. But I had the most fun just listening to the banter and laughter.  Tomorrow I will post the last few pictures and we'll be current.  But not to worry. There are blue skies forcasted in the near future.We don't let any grass grow under our feet. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Going To Take Three Days To Catch Up ~ Day 1

After being gone six months, as we rounded the corner of our house, we were dismayed to see all the weeds and small branches from wind blows.

It was a nice day. So we unloaded what was necessary, then Joe spent the rest of the day, weeding and cleaning. 

 My daughter in law took care of forwarding our important mail while we were gone (thank you again Patty) and I asked her to put all the junk mail in one place, which she did.  It filled one of my laundry baskets. So I started shredding. I don't think I'll ever get caught up.

Joe finished just in time.  The rain made everything look so nice and fresh. 

It was good to see and feel the rain after being in the desert for so long.
Last Tuesday, we left for my sister's house for the Easter holiday. Boy, talk about rain.

By the time we got to Bonney Lake though, the weather was pretty nice.

So on Wednesday, my sister and I enjoyed time at The Windmill Village and Gardens  in Sumner.  I get my tea at at the Tea Madame there, and the gift shop is fun to wander around in too. We also went to Vassey Nursery in Puyallup.

Do you  notice that the little pine cones on this tree are red? I wish I had written down the name of the tree.
What a clever idea for a garden.
This was one of my favorite displays at Vassy's

 Friday, we hired Joe as our chauffeur and went to Watson's Nursery also in Puyallup.  He kept himself busy with his ipad in the little Deli and also kept track of the Miami Open (Tennis) while Jan and I enjoyed the Nursery and their wonderful and huge gift shop. I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures. I was having too much fun.

This is looking out Jan's patio door.  She has squirrels there and they gave us quite a bit of entertainment. She lays out bread for them. He starts at the bird house up the tree and watches us for awhile. 

Then slowly makes his way down the tree to the rail.

"Hmmm this is quite a stretch.....

Then he'd sit there and full his cheeks so full, then scamper off and bury the bread in the dirt at the foot of the tree.

We have a nice place to park the truck house with full hookups too. (Thanks Linda and Rich for all you have done to fix it up down there.)

Friday the three of us went to Sumner Cemetery where many of our family members are buried including my son ( he died 10 days before his first birthday in 1965.) We are standing at our mom's grave. My brother is buried way back behind me near those trees.  My sister's in laws are buried here too.

Then it was off to another item on our bucket list. A visit to The Old Cannery just down the road from the cemetery. Left to right, my sister Janice, Debbie, the buyer who has been there 17 years, and Nick a great employee. Debbie gave us a friendly welcome, asking if she could help and when we told her no we just love coming here and it's something we do every time we are up here, she marched us over to the candy store and gave us each a pound of fudge.  (No I didn't give in to my sweet tooth)

The Cannery is hard to explain.  You have to experience it.  Acres of furniture and fun.The square footage of the showroom is approximately 80,000 sq. ft. The whole facility encompasses approximately 500,000 sq. ft., which is how the slogan "Ten Acres of Furniture" came about. Every major holiday, out in their parking lot, they serve free hot dogs and soda.

Fun things to see everywhere you look, Even the chickens in the cage talk....

My sister sitting in one of their many, many comfortable chairs, talking to her grandson. Tomorrow, I will continue "catching up " with our activities since we've been home.