Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cactus Blooms at Catalina Spa and RV Resort

Please click on picture to enlarge

We were a little to early for blooms in the desert when we went to Joshua but  Spring is busting out all over here at CatSpa.

Don't know what these are called, but I love decorative grass.

I was hoping these would bloom before we left but unless they pop tomorrow I won't get to see them.  I do have a friend in the office here that could take a picture for me.  Guess I'll have to speak to her about that.

I've already posted a few pictures of this but it seems to be more beautiful each time I see it.

This huge Eucalyptus Tree is a couple sites over from ours.  I  love the smooth  feeling of the trunk.  

I stepped outside this evening to turn our outdoor rope lights on and this is what I saw.  I wish it wasn't so grainy but the moon was so bright and Jupiter looked like it was right beside it. What a way to end a beautiful day.


  1. Thanks for the blooms at Cat spa, wish we were there to see them.

  2. I love the desert in the spring. It is just so gorgeous.

  3. Love your cactus pictures Betty!!

  4. It looks like your adventure is still continuing. We're keeping our fingers crossed to be out west through the winter months in a couple of years. Hopefully we can see some of the beauty that you are now.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. The desert is really starting to bloom down here. It is so beautiful. Love your flowers. Our cacti haven't popped yet either.