Friday, February 27, 2015

The Living Desert With Friends

We have two favorites here in the Coachella Valley. The first is The Living Desert and the second is the The Palm Springs Air Museum.  We go enough times that it pays us in the long run to have memberships to both.  

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Yesterday we had the privilege of having friends join us for the day at The Living Desert. Barbara and Gordon, and Barb's brother Dale and his wife Mary.

Right now there is a special exhibit there. Birds of the Australian Outback.

Part of the following description was taken from the Living Desert's Webpage.
 Animal enthusiasts have a chance to interact with hundreds of Australian birds at the Birds of the Australian Outback exhibit, returning to The Living Desert on December 26th, 2014.

Zoo Goers get to do more than observe this special Aussie adventure. Guests are able to roam a self-contained free flight aviary specially constructed for the exhibit, and feed the colorful, chirping birds with seed sticks. The birds are “budgies,” a type of parakeet weighing about an ounce each, and feathered with shades of blue, green, white and yellow.

More than 300 of the personable Aussie birds fly, chirp, swoop, and feast on the seed sticks offered by visitors inside the aviary. It’s a great opportunity for guests to get up close and have direct interaction with the colorful birds.

The volunteers teasingly tell people the birds are trained to go for the $20's. this dollar bill eventually fell to the floor while the budgie kept looking for that twenty.

Some of you may notice in some of the pictures I had a blue blouse on and my back pack was worn in the back as above.... in an earlier picture I had a teal colored blouse on with my purse worn in the front. We went to the Living Desert both Wednesday and Thursday. As you can see here, the birds love to get inside of purses and pockets. Thus the earlier picture I and other visitors were asked to either leave the bags outside the exhibit or where them in the front.... 

We stopped at the Discovery Center where we learned about ........snakes. But I had much more fun watching this adorable little girl who was totally engrossed with the Ranger and the snake. ( a non poisonous milk snake)

She had no problem at the end of the learning session with going right up to the ranger and petting that snake.....

One of my favorite exhibits is the Mountain Sheep. 

There are plenty of places to just sit in the shade or sun if you prefer, and just watch. Their feeding stations are cleverly hidden from viewers, but we knew where to go to give our guests the best views.

I'm sorry I don't remember the name of these birds but they were sure fun to watch.

And what about this "pretty" guy? Not..... but fun to watch.
Rarely do we ever get to see the Cheetah. He is usually sleeping but what a treat for us today.

And Barb......this one is just for you :)

This is my better side

We saw the Mt. Lion down in Eagle Canyon

And for the first time ever I saw the The Jaguar Display

The End

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Back to Catalina Spa

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Tuesday morning we left Palm Desert and headed for Catalina Spa. It didn't take us long to get set up  in the same spot we had in January when we were here.  Joe is concerned about large rigs coming around the corner and clipping the car, so next time, if it is open, we are going to park in the spot right next to us.

Sitting out on our patio and looking to the back of the lot, this is our view.

After we got all set up, which takes a good share of the day because Joe cleans both the car and the rig too, we went back to TT Palm Springs for an evening of Karaoke.  Our friends Gordon and Barb had recently arrived there and was happy to hear they had Karaoke on Monday Evenings. 
Joe and I met Barb and Gordon on a Karaoke night at St. David RV Resort.  He sang at Pilot Knob and at Thousand Trails.  He was "hooked"

Tried to complete my 10,000 steps yesterday but only made it to 5,112 before my feet told me to stop for the day.  Today was a new day and a beautiful, cool morning for a walk. The following pictures I took while on my walk.

There are little starters all around 

This base of this plant. I think it might be some type of Aloe Vera plant. Would someone please correct me if I'm wrong?  Thanks.

Monday's and Thursday's at 9:30 in the morning is Bocci Ball.  There is a large group of players, and are so friendly and helpful in teaching us how to play.

If you loose two games, then you're out. I was the first one to play and the first one out.  It was getting pretty warm so I was happy to be done.

I enjoyed watching Joe and the others play.
And when he was finished he enjoyed visiting with Dave, who wound up coming in second.  He won a coupon for a free ice cream which he gave to Joe. 
The sunsets are by no means as beautiful as an Arizona sunset but it was a pretty one this evening.

Monday, February 16, 2015

I'm Back

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted. Not much to blog about. I'm walking 10-13 thousand steps a day and feeling really good. That is walking about an hour each day, and the rest of the steps come from just every day routine that involves moving from the time I get up until I go to bed. I've really enjoyed my Fitbit Flex I like the fact that it celebrates by making a buzzing movement on my wrist when I've met my goal, and reminds me to move when I haven't "moved enough".

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This past weekend was the annual Thousand Trails Palm Springs RV Resort Horseshoe tournament. It was very well attended. Joe pitched, but I've seen him pitch better....

Joe is standing beside our good friend Carolyn who got him to join NHSPA about ten years ago. We met her and her husband at Tall Chief RV Resort. They also enjoyed playing pool together.

Yesterday we took a day trip to Big Bear, around the lake and on to Lake Arrowhead. I love pine cones of any size. I really wanted to see a huge Sugar Pine Cone but alas, none was to be found this time.  I did convince Joe to let me bring home two about this size. This branch was laying in the parking lot, so after enjoying it and taking pictures of many others, I laid this in the bushes for someone else to enjoy.

We saw snow, but none on the road.

The views were incredible

The lower end of Big Bear Lake was lower than we've ever seen it.

The upper end was beautiful. I had to take these while the car was moving. There was no room to pull over and the traffic was "bumper to bumper"

Lake Arrowhead is one of our favorite places to visit each season we come South.

We ate lunch at Woody's. This was the view from where we sat and the food was wonderful.  So was the service.

Here are a few pictures of the village.

And Mr. "G" has his own gift shop here 

I have been working on getting over my fear of dogs. We have quite a few pets in our  Lewis and Clark club. Now how can anyone be afraid of these lovers.  This is Romeo and he is always looking for his "Juliet" Romeo is a mixture of Papillon and I think Chihuahua. Nancy please correct me if this is wrong. 
The Papillon (from the French word for butterfly) derives it's name from its characteristic butterfly like look of the long and fringed hair on the ears.

Description taken from the Internet)

Another dog endearing himself to me is "Toby"  He is such a gentleman. He is going to be disappointed on his walk tomorrow.  He knew where we "lived" and now we have moved on to another park. But I just bet he'll remember me when we see him at our next club rally. Ms. Betty gives him treats.

My  newest dog friend is Tika. He is a beautiful bird dog and I've been told is a great hunter.

We ended our time at TT Palm Springs with an early supper at Coco's. 

and an evening of playing fast track. It's been a fun two weeks with Lewis and Clark  Club members and Horseshoe tournament friends.