Sunday, January 18, 2015

Staying In One Place For A Month Doesn't Make For Much News

We are at Pilot Knob RV Resort in Winterhaven, CA for a month. It's close to Yuma, AZ and we always find something to do there. 

Most recently we went to a couple more concerts at the Old Historic Theater in downtown old Yuma. "Puttin on the Ritz, a tribute to Irving Berlin and Hot August Nights with Neil Diamond impersonator, Dean Colley   I didn't really enjoy the first part of the Neil Diamond Concert because the drums were so loud we couldn't hardly hear the vocalist.  The second half was much better.  The audience really enjoyed  "Sweet Caroline" and "Coming To America"  I was mad at myself because I always carry earplugs in my purse and for some reason this night I didn't...... I thought any way.  When I got home and dumped the contents of my purse on the bed, there were the earplugs. 
We were visiting with the couple seated next to us and they told us they were the owners of the Yuma Landing Restaurant and the Historic Coronado Hotel in Yuma.  We are going to have lunch with a friend this week so we thought we'd check out the The Yuma Landing Restaurant.  A sort of dry run to make sure we know where it is.  The couple in the video are the owners. It is a very historical restaurant and we are looking forward to going back there this week. Check out their menu.  Joe and I shared a club sandwich. It was so big, he ate his half, and I could only eat half of my half...took the rest home for supper.

 Every Wednesday is the Farmers Market in old downtown Yuma followed by classic cars display

I think this little cart had personality......

While we were playing Bocci Ball this past Tuesday I enjoyed watching the little wrens, ( I think that's what they are) in the tops of the Ocotillo  Cactus.

It seems the sunsets are different colors every night.

We haven't been to church since we have been in this park and I  miss that. They use to have church here and we really liked that.  So we put on our "Sunday Go To Meetin Clothes" and found a really nice and friendly church in the Foothills. We liked it so much we will go back the next two Sundays we are here. 


  1. We hope to spend some time in Yuma eventually. So far we stayed at the Rver's Bend RV Park just West of Yuma, and of course the casino parking lot just across from Los Algondones.

  2. Love it there, and can always find something to do, even enjoy reading which we have not had any time to do since we have been back.
    Enjoy the weather.

  3. I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like I need to get a life when I have done nothing that is blog worthy.