Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Nice End To An Already Good Day

We ate an early supper at  Cracker Barrel yesterday and parked right in front of these beautiful flowers.

 Another car pulled up beside us as I took these pictures. His comment was "don't you have flowers where you're from?"  Will someone please tell me the name of these?

As usual, as long as we were in Yuma, after we ate we headed for the fairgrounds parking lot  so Joe could get his "jet fix"  We didn't bring the Nikon camera with us and he doesn't like my IPhone, so I was the photographer.  Touch and Go was the name of the game this day. Two and sometimes three at a time and LOUD. 

It was sooooo cold out there too. I had just picked up this little hat/scarf set at a craft sale at the fairgrounds. Sure came in handy.

I had posted this on Facebook and thought I'd have some fun with it here.. Now you have to have a really good imagination, but do you see the space ship?  If not, look close, see the four little white windows... and the dark saucer cloud above it?

The end to our nice day today was receiving a call from Sandi inviting us to join her and Jim and another blogger couple Ray and Cindy for a bite to eat at Five Guys. What a fun time that was.  So many nice people in "Bloggerville"

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Week of Reconnecting and Connecting.

This past week was filled with medical challenges for me but by mid week, as long as I kept to a liquid/soft diet, I was back up on my feet and by the end of the week was ready to do the activities we had scheduled.

We met Rey and Irma on our honeymoon at Soap Lake RV Resort in 2004 along with four other couples and have continued to keep in touch with all of them. Rey and Irma live in Yuma and we had a great game of Mexican Train at their home along with two other couples they invited. After almost seven years, it was good to connect in person again.

This is a birds eye view of the 52 people who attended the First Annual Blogger Fest in Quartzite.  It was so nice to connect face to face with fellow bloggers. I am really hoping there will be a 2nd Annual Blogger Fest next year, so George and Suzie and others that weren't able to make it can be there. And thank you again to all who were involved in making this event happen.
I think most all of the ones who follow my blog know I am a retired funeral director.  Having said that, I have a great interest in pioneer cemeteries. When we attended the New Christy Minstrels Concert a few weeks back, they talked and sang about Hi Jolly. I didn't have a clue. So after lunch at Crazy Jerry's Restaurant In Quartzite today, we set out to find the cemetery..... almost directly across the street from the restaurant on Koffa St.  I had Googled Hi Jolly and read as much as I could find, but actually going to the restaurant and reading the history there was very interesting to me.

Please click to enlarge so you can read the history here if you haven't been here before.

I also plan on stopping by the Old Yuma Prison Cemetery before we leave here.

And here is my last reconnect story. This is my friend Diane. We met in 1968 when her and her husband and family moved to Tillamook, Oregon. We went to the same church, raised our kids together. Shared laughs, tears and good times. The last time I saw Diane was in Quartzite and again in Canby almost seven years ago.We didn't have a lot of time to catch up Yesterday but we made the best of a half hour..

Jim was my daughter's sixth grade teacher. After retiring, he and Diane were able to pursue their love of being
RockHounds.  They are the owners of Gem Brite Lapidary and take their business on the road to Gem, Mineral, Jewelry and Fossil Shows. We will hopefully get to see them in September a lot closer to home at the Fairgrounds in Canby. Joe bought some plume agates and had them made into a beautiful Belt Buckle.

We have ten days left here at Pilot Knob before turning our truck house West for the last two months of our fun in the sun. 

Back to horseshoes and pickleball for Joe and whatever I find to do that's fun for me, one of which will include Bocci Ball.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It Was A Sunset Kind Of Evening

Our day started with Bocci ball. We had fully intended to head for Quartzite early in the morning, but forgot we  said we would get things set up because our "fearless leaders, Barb and Gordon, had to be out of town"  It was a good morning. Twelve people showed up, the most we've had so far since we have been here.
As soon as we could, we headed for Quartzite and PLEASE don't let that parking area fool you!!! It looks empty because it was. It was 5:15 PM and everyone was done for the day.  When we got there about 1:00PM we drove a good 10 minutes looking for a parking spot and then there it was.... almost in the front row. Patience paid off.

Please enlarge to see the details of Angelica's work
This is Angelica and she is the owner of "Ruffles by Angelica", a ladies shirt, blouse and jacket shop. Every year she has a booth here at the Big White Tent. After not traveling for a few years, and not getting to come here last January I didn't know for sure if she would even still be here. But lucky me! What she does with her merchandise is just beautiful in my book. Battenburg Lace ad Crystals Designs.  A little spendy, yes. But she puts a lot of time into each garment.  Another reason it was lucky me was she is having a red dot sale. Any garment that has a red dot label, you get a second red dot garment free. Yes, free!  I came prepared to buy but wasn't prepared for the great deals I got!!! I'm a "happy camper" 

I love my Heavenly Father's beautiful artwork. So on the way home I just sat back and watched the change of scenery and took a lot more pictures than are posted here. I've done nothing to the pictures and took all of them on my iPhone.

When I saw how the sun was setting on these mountains I asked Joe to stop so I could get out of the car and have a more steady hand to capture it.

And the lights of Yuma. I am looking forward to meeting many of my blogger friends on Saturday Afternoon at our first ever Blogger Fest.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Staying In One Place For A Month Doesn't Make For Much News

We are at Pilot Knob RV Resort in Winterhaven, CA for a month. It's close to Yuma, AZ and we always find something to do there. 

Most recently we went to a couple more concerts at the Old Historic Theater in downtown old Yuma. "Puttin on the Ritz, a tribute to Irving Berlin and Hot August Nights with Neil Diamond impersonator, Dean Colley   I didn't really enjoy the first part of the Neil Diamond Concert because the drums were so loud we couldn't hardly hear the vocalist.  The second half was much better.  The audience really enjoyed  "Sweet Caroline" and "Coming To America"  I was mad at myself because I always carry earplugs in my purse and for some reason this night I didn't...... I thought any way.  When I got home and dumped the contents of my purse on the bed, there were the earplugs. 
We were visiting with the couple seated next to us and they told us they were the owners of the Yuma Landing Restaurant and the Historic Coronado Hotel in Yuma.  We are going to have lunch with a friend this week so we thought we'd check out the The Yuma Landing Restaurant.  A sort of dry run to make sure we know where it is.  The couple in the video are the owners. It is a very historical restaurant and we are looking forward to going back there this week. Check out their menu.  Joe and I shared a club sandwich. It was so big, he ate his half, and I could only eat half of my half...took the rest home for supper.

 Every Wednesday is the Farmers Market in old downtown Yuma followed by classic cars display

I think this little cart had personality......

While we were playing Bocci Ball this past Tuesday I enjoyed watching the little wrens, ( I think that's what they are) in the tops of the Ocotillo  Cactus.

It seems the sunsets are different colors every night.

We haven't been to church since we have been in this park and I  miss that. They use to have church here and we really liked that.  So we put on our "Sunday Go To Meetin Clothes" and found a really nice and friendly church in the Foothills. We liked it so much we will go back the next two Sundays we are here. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Music and Wings

This picture was borrowed from the Internet
Sunday afternoon we went to the Yuma Historical Theater and enjoyed hearing The New Christy Minstrels
There is a story behind this picture.This is Mr. Dolan Ellis, Founder of the Arizona Folklore Preserve  And  Arizona's Official State Balladeer. He was pretty impressed that we knew his title and had been to the preserve and asked if we wanted a picture with him. Well sure... but he was blocked in by someone interviewing Randy Sparks. So someone behind us took my phone and took this for us.  
This is Mr. and Mrs. Dave Deutschendorf. Dave was the bass singer. When he isn't singing with the Christy Minstrels, he sings gospel. Old hymns of the church which Joe and I both enjoy.  The twist to this story is, He is the uncle of the late John Denver.

This is Becky Jo Benson and Vicca the Show Dog. Becky Jo plays banjo and is also a vocalist and has been with the group since 1997, Vicca enters at the beginning of the show with the rest of the group and lays on a big red pillow until Intermission, then exits with the group. At the beginning the last half, she enters off leash and goes right to her pillow again and doesn't move until the end of the show.  What a dog.
As we exited the theater we see this. Yep, rain. I could have had this in Oregon. hmmm

Water running down the streets, forming puddles everywhere.

And with the rain came a beautiful rainbow

And if you look closely, it's a double rainbow.

A couple of days ago, I bought a thistle sack for the little finches around here.  There wasn't much action where I had it so I moved it to a higher branch more out in the open. They found it in a hurry. What a mess they made. Seed and poops, everywhere including the edge of the picnic table.  And they emptied half the bag before 4 in the afternoon.  So we bought a couple more and hung them on the other side of the tree. I'm sure they'll find it there too but it's away from the table now.
So later this morning we headed for one of our favorite places in Yuma.  The parking lot of the Yuma Fairgrounds, at the end of the runway of the Marine Airbase across the highway.

Next to the parking lot is the Yuma Conservation Garden

We come out here a lot. So Joe can enjoy the planes landing and taking off

And I can enjoy the wings of these beautiful fowl. This gander was the alpha guy.  The keepers of the gardens bring lettuce, fruits and feed to the ducks and geese and he chases them off until he has all he wants.

I am on the other side of the fence, taking the pictures through the fencing holes. It's very peaceful to knit and watch them.

That is until one or two of these at a time come screaming across the top of the car.... But that's what is all about. Joe and his wings, 
And me and mine

On the way home we stopped to get gas at Sams Club.  Nice huh!