Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter Storm Arrives Right On Schedule

Sometimes, actually a lot of the time, my communication skills are poor to none. I want to make sure my readers know that it is not expected to snow in Desert Hot Springs. It is colder than normal, maybe, might rain tomorrow, and a little breezy. The storm is for the high desert and mountain area.  But the clouds were sure impressive.  And you know........sometimes the weather forecasters aren't always right either are they.
First it was the smog.The wind was blowing it out of LA, over the San Gorgonio Pass also known as Banning Pass.

Then the clouds started rolling in this morning. I'm not fond of driving much any more but I had to get to Walgreen's in Desert Hot Springs, to renew prescriptions so off I went. Besides, it was cold outside and I needed to walk. So I walked up and down the isles at Walgreen's, then I walked across the parking lot to K Mart and walked up and down the isles there. Not one of my favorite stores so I didn't spend much time there. Back in the car I drove up the road to Stater Brothers Grocery Store.  I like Von's better (Safeway) but did find some pretty good deals as Stater Brothers. 

On the way home, I pulled off the side of the road and took some more pictures of the impending storm.  The winds and snow are going to be mainly in the high desert. 

It's the headlines on all the TV stations. A "rare winter storm" for Southern California they are calling it. Weather reports are saying it will be a "quick storm"  by New Years Day it will be "long gone"  Back to the 70's by the time Joe arrives back here on Sunday. 

He's having his own cold weather back home in Oregon.When I talked to him this afternoon, he was at home, warm, relaxing in his chair.
Sun rays desperately trying to break through the clouds

I opened the door this afternoon to bring in some fruit I had in a hanging basket on the back of the rig and look who was just sitting here doing nothing.  

He made no attempt to move. There was a bit of sun there and I guess maybe he was just enjoying the warmth.