Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cold and Windy Here Too

We weren't here at Catalina Spa very long before the strong winds came for a couple of days. Joe and I went for a walk and stopped by  George and Suzie 's rig for a short visit. Suzie mentioned  that this area was expecting strong winds. So after we left there, we came right back to our place, and put the awning away, and covered the car.

Check out the wind blowing  that Palm Tree above our rig.

The wind blew all night and the next morning when I looked out the window, even though we had the straps hooked that came with the cover, the whole back end of the cover was up and flapping in the wind.  Joe wasn't thrilled with the idea he had to get out of a nice warm bed and go out in strong winds and tie down the cover.

It looked like a wrapped Christmas Present but I'm happy to announce that the car stayed wrapped until Joe was ready to take the cover off a couple of days later.

Friday, we made a dry run to the Palm Springs airport because it had been a few years since we had been there. It's a good thing we didn't plan on parking because there was no place to park. In fact cars were parking along the side of the street and walking to the terminals.  We decided to have breakfast before heading back to Desert Hot Springs. 

These beautiful flowers were actually hedges around the restaurant. Can someone tell me what they are?  I've seen them as small plants in a garden but never in large hedges.

I took a walk around the park this evening. It was really cold! I had my winter coat with an attached hood on and was still cold to the bone.  I've seen this sign many times  here, but it makes me smile so thought I'd share it. Another thing that makes me smile is all the wonderful people here.  So friendly. Take George and Suzie for example.  We've been following each other's blog for a while now, but are just getting to know them.  They didn't even hesitate to help us out by driving our car to the airport to send Joe off to Portland and bring me back home.  And if that isn't just so nice, they are going to pick him up when he gets back Sunday.  I did the laundry last night and met a lady in the laundry room. She saw my big laundry bag, and insisted I use her cart with wheels to take the laundry to the rig.  I'm going to get myself one of those handy dandy things.

I walked a little longer than planned and enjoyed another beautiful sunset.

This is a view of the upper Club House

It's also where I went to church this morning. 

Not only did I enjoy the sunset, but many of the RV'ers in the park still have their Christmas lights up. I'm really missing Joe, but I keep busy with my knitting, reading, blogging and before I know it Sunday will be here and we will be on our way to picking him up.
Happy New Year!!