Sunday, December 21, 2014

Took a Break

Not blogging doesn't mean nothing was going on. On the contrary, I have been walking.This picture is information for just one day. This past week I met my 10,000 step Goal three days, 5-7 thousand steps three days, and Thursday I only did just barely 3 thousand because my body said to rest, so I did.  My new fit has really been a means to get me off my sit down and get moving. So my little bracelet starts vibrating at six thirty in the morning telling me to get up and get to walking.  I get my self ready for the day, eat my breakfast, spend quiet time with the Lord  and then off I go.  My first walking time ends in about an hour. It's about 8 and I get Joe's breakfast, clean the kitchen and by then Joe's ready for either four hours of pickleball or four hours of horse shoe pitching. During that time I do another hour or so of walking around the park.  This little bracelet not only records my total steps, it also tells when I'm walking faster than just "sauntering" which I like to do so I can make new friends, or just stop for a visit along the way. Sometimes I take a break and watch Joe for a few minutes and off I go again.  The best part of all this, is my blood sugars are coming down and staying there and I have more energy than I've had in a very long time.  When the walking is done, then it's time to work on a knitting project I'm doing.  I traded a lady six all white, all cotton dish clothes I knitted  for a pretty pair of pink slippers she crocheted. I didn't expect the slippers until I handed her the dish clothes but guess what. They are on my feet now.  What a very nice lady she is. So I'm knitting as fast as I can. :)
Today was a very big day for my Joe.  He has been practicing for a very long time for this  day.  He played three different songs at the Jam session at Catalina Spa today. Did a great job too. He is not one to stand up in front of a group of people for any reason let alone playing his trombone. He chose two Elvis songs.  "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and "Blue Christmas" His last son,g I accompanied him on the piano, was "Away in the Manger" Before he played the last song, he was asked to share the story behind his trombone. Last Christmas his kids presented him with a brand new Bach Trombone. The poor guy was speechless at such a wonderful gift.  It is fun to watch him sitting outside of the motor home, practicing, and not a sound coming out of the horn...... how does that happen you ask?  Well his son loaned him his electronic mute. He puts the mute in the end of the trombone, and the attached earplugs in his ears and it's full sound in his ears and blessed quietness in mine .. Na, I'm just joking. Joe has been playing love songs on his horn to me since I've known him and he also likes to play old hymns of the church, lots of old movies music and of course.......who else  But Elvis.....
I'm probably going to slow down with my blog for a bit til I get this walking/exercise thing down to a routine. I'm adding riding a stationary bike in the fitness room three times a week starting a week from tomorrow.  It seems that when the end of the day rolls around I'm to tired to even think about writing.
Merry Christmas and a Happy and Wonderful New Year family and Friends!