Friday, December 12, 2014

A Little of This, A Little of That

On our walk yesterday, we had to wait while this guest finished backing a huge fifth wheel back in between Palm Trees on his chosen site.  He was Awesome!  The couple worked as a team with their walkie talkies and hand signals. At one point the driver asked us to spot him so he wouldn't hit the Miata across the driveway. No problem. I just stood in front of the Miata. Figured he'd have to hit me before he touched their little car. Joe did the communicating with him. In no time at all they were in. I don't know how long they make 5th wheels now, but I was impressed with the length of this one.

Further down on our walk, look was coming at us. He loves riding in his basket, and also loves to kayak. Isn't that just the cutest face.

Joe got some quality time in playing Pickleball on Wednesday, but really paid the price. His feet bothered him all night .

Look who came to visit. He had NO fear. I just sat there in my chair watching him and he came right up to me.  Apparently people feed them here in the park and he was just looking for a handout. No, I didn't feed him.
So Joe thought he'd give his feet a break from playing pickleball on Wednesday and threw some shoes today. Another four hours of exercise.

Here was Mr. Roadrunner again. He wanted to watch the guys pitch I guess 

Click on the picture and see how desperate he was to get a good spot to see.......

Awh, the perfect spot to watch Joe Pitch.

I haven't had much luck with my Poinsetta. I broke off a large stem, and another one got broken in the car..It still looks ok, but not like it did. We were invited over to a dear friends house last night for dinner, and Joe helped her get her Christmas tree down, put together and ready to decorate. She  loaned me this lovely Christmas tree that her momma crocheted many years ago. It fits just perfect on our table. 

This is the same tree. I had an artificial candle with a timer on it. I put the tree over the top of it and Voila.... at 5:30 each evening the tree lights up. Cool huh?
We knew by watching the weather channel last night we were going to get some wind and rain.

So when we got home last night, in the dark, we covered the CRV. Our across the driveway neighbor was nice enough to walk over and help Joe. Fit's like a glove.  There wasn't much wind at all but it did rain. We got the cover mainly to protect the car from blowing sand, which happens quite often around this area.

This little guy loves to eat then perch on top of the feeder holder. He doesn't have much color and is smaller than the other ones. 
I greatly enlarged the picture. That is a palm tree right by our rig.

It rained all day today so took the opportunity to sort out all our playing cards and organize them.  Eight boxes. Then we played Fast Track on our new board. Beautiful sunset after the stormy weather today