Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Relaxing Sunday

This was my sunrise this morning as I did my walk around our park.  I've been doing really well with my "steps". Yesterday, Was 11,499 and today was 10,167. I downloaded the app Rick told us about a while back on one of his blogs. I only keep track of the steps but I've asked Santa for a Fitbit. We'll see.....

We had a few errands to run this morning including picking up  my Metformin at my new favorite pharmacy CVS.  Fry's (Kroger's) here, doesn't have the particular pharmaceutical brand  I need and at CVS, that's the ONLY one they use. I'm Happy, Happy. Then it was off to the Arizona Market to pick up a couple of items we saw on Thursday but wanted to think on it before we bought.

While we were there we enjoyed a style show put on by the Arizona Market Vendors.

We saw these two sweet little girls earlier not realizing they would be part of the style show. So Cute!

None of the participants were professional models but they all had fun.

After we finished at the market place we went for a ride in the historical part of Yuma. On the way, I saw this sign, asked Joe to stop and get out and go stand under the sign. (the store was closed and empty) Why would I do this?  Because I call him Mr. G and he loves Pepsi.......

Please click to enlarge

Just another picture to add to our collection of old Greyhound Advertising. It's on the backside of the hotel

I love the architecture of this old hotel.

I didn't know I owned a boutique....

There is a lot of art in this part of Yuma

I can't believe I actually captured this humming bird. The picture is grainy but that little guy was so fast! He was gathering nectar from this beautiful flower right next to where our car was parked

Any guesses to where we ate supper this evening?