Monday, November 24, 2014

Three Sleeps at Hickiwan Trails RV Park

I have to tell on myself.  It was about a three hour drive from St. David to Why, AZ. I was tired of sitting, so Joe pulled over and I got out to take some pictures. I am so afraid of snakes, I walked with my head down looking all around me when  all of a sudden, I saw something that scared me so bad my toenails dug in to the balls of my feet!!!!! I was paralyzed with fear.  Joe had just gotten out of the truck to look around when he heard me scream his name... Now Joe doesn't do anything in a hurry including come running to see why I was in such a panic... We were on the other side of the fence a good distance away by  now, so he threw a couple of rocks at "it" and "it" didn't move. So I got really brave, found a long stick.............and gave it to Joe and asked him to poke it to see if "it" moved.  "It" didn't  One end of "it" was in a hole so Joe tried to dislodge "it" with the stick.

Success!! If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you will see what "it" really is.Yep A BELT!!! He has the stick through the buckle.

Now tell me, don't you think it ...sort of looks like a snake??

We were only here for three sleeps, but for sure we will be here next year! So quiet, beautiful and  peaceful. Joe enjoyed watching the jets chasing each other  low over the mountains while we went on a hike today and shoot flares at night

Yesterday we went to Calvary Baptist Church in Ajo about 10 miles from here. 

After church we had lunch at a Deli in the Plaza. Then we took a drive around Ajo. Loved the historical part of town. We weren't in the area long enough to see everything there was to see, but  we did hit the only grocery store in town and really enjoyed that. 

It was still early enough in the day Sunday that  Joe thought it would be fun to drive to the Organ Pipe Cactus Monument.  For those who are wondering, yes we did the 21 mile Ajo loop.  Oh my word!! Our poor brand new car was SO dirty when we got home. Not just on the outside, but inside too. For those of you who have not done this before.   It's a dirt road . But the beauty was so worth it!!

On each side of the loop was a picnic area.

If you look closely, do you see the birds nest? I don't know what kind of bird would nest in here, but I bet Judith would ;)
The Double Arch was awesome.

This morning we went for a walk in the desert across the drive way where we are parked. Two hours of  easy walking, enjoying such sights as I've never seen before!! We were told burro's were out here.  We never did see them, just saw a lot of fresh "donkey dung" and Joe  heard them this evening. 

There were so many different types of cactus here too including my favorite, the Ocotillo.

I have read about Darby Well Road from some of my blogger friends and so today after our walk, Joe said as long as the car is filthy dirty, lets go check out Darby Well Road.  We saw a couple of boon dockers, and we saw where some had been, leaving  rock fire rings to mark their spot I guess.

We got this far and there was a wash out on the road we didn't want to drive the car through so we turned around but I can see why people like to spend time out here. But that brown sign above, was a little disconcerting.... we both agreed that type of lifestyle wouldn't be for us.  I would like to hear from those who do enjoy being this close to the border, have you ever had intruders in your camp?

I'm still reading about the history of Ajo and the mining but in the mean time, I love the colors of the minerals  here.  We are off to Pilot Knob in Winterhaven,CA tomorrow. Those of my family and friends it's about four miles from Yuma.
Have a great week!!