Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Continuing to enjoy our time in Cochise County

It was 26 degrees when I got up at 6:30 this morning. Blue skies, the hummingbirds having breakfast at their feeder. I have three coming now. I don't know what kind they are, but one has a red breast, one a pretty green breast and the other a blue.  I love sitting here watching them take turns. It appears though like the red one is the alpha bird because if one of the others come before he is done he chases them off.

We stay cozy warm inside our little truck house.  Joe disconnected the hose from the spigot, and we run a little heater on low, leaving the doors under the sinks open.  

I love walking around the two small lakes here. This particular day the heron was enjoying a walk too. Only he was walking IN the water around the pond. 

There are benches and picnic tables all around the lakes where one can fish (catch and release only and I don't know what they catch) or just sit and enjoy the reflections on the water.  Very peaceful.

 Yesterday, we went back to Bisbee. We had been told to have breakfast at the Bisbee Breakfast Club sometime when we're there.So we chose this day to do that.  All I can say is come hungry and share a meal!! The food was good,  lots of people, but the portions are huge

After we finished breakfast we took a walk down Erie street in Lowell. "Lowell was at one time a sizable mining town located just to the southeast of Old Bisbee. The majority of the original town site was consumed by the excavation of the Lavender Pit mine during the 1950s. All that is left today is a small portion of Erie Street, along with Evergreen Cemetery, Saginaw subdivision and Lowell Middle School. These days Lowell is considered by most of the local residents to be more of a place name than an operating community." (Taken from Wikipedia)
Of course Joe was just tickled to see the Greyhound Bus sign.  

It was Monday and Bisbee is more of a "weekend" town. There were some little shops open, but a lot of them were closed.

This 1955 Ford Pick is in mint condition

On our walk around Bisbee Joe spotted this beautiful Indian Motorcycle. As he was taking a picture of it, a guy coming across the street laughingly said "that will be $20 " and a 1/2 hour conversation ensued.  His buddy had a very nice Harley. The "Harley Guy" had just finished 20 years in the  Army and is now a civilian doing the same job at the same place he did while in the military. The other gentleman, owned his own HazMat clean up company and is also a US Border Patrol. They were just out for a ride 

I got tired of standing around listening to them visit so I walked on up the street and saw this pub. The whole front is lined with bottle caps. I was doing a Google Search last night on Bisbee history and came across this. You know you are from Bisbee if..........  I learned a lot of history reading this and got a lot of laughs too.

So we knew Monday eve from 5-9 PM Golden Corral in Sierra Vista was going to honor all military men and women, active and retired with  a free meal. We arrived in the parking lot about 5:10,  and the line was wrapped around to the back of the building. But every one was in such good spirits. With Fort Huachuca Army base being in Sierra Vista, a lot of active members were standing in line. Every time we saw one no matter how far back they were, some one in line would go to them and put them to the front of the line. Some of the ladies figured out some of the  military were in their civilian clothes, would go take the by the elbow and escort them to the front also.  Eventually, we all got inside the restaurant. It was only about a 45 minute wait

and during this time we got acquainted with this very nice couple standing next to us, Fred and Pat Hortien. The manager of the restaurant was running this thing like a fine tuned machine. All the employees and volunteers  knew exactly what they were doing. He would communicate with his servers how many people he need a table for, and as soon as it was cleared and cleaned, the server would hold up his hand for 2,4, 6 etc.  We and the Hortien's were just two. The manager then asked are any "two's" willing to share a table, you can be seated sooner.... we raised our hands and were seated at the next available table. It was a fun evening. I have to say, they never ran out of food. Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts volunteered as "busboys"  I know some of you may be asking why did they not do this on Veterans Day. I don't have an answer to that but I do know there were other restaurants in town that DID honor the veterans with free meals last Monday.