Saturday, November 15, 2014

Some Of The Reasons We Love Cochise County and surrounding counties


Meet Great Grand Baby #8
Timothy Alexander Conner
Born November 13, 2014  6:09 PM
9lbs 5oz  -  22 inches long

Look who's two today
Bronson!!  Great Grandbaby #7

All settled in for a two week stay at St. David, AZ  The sugar ants were there to greet us and in return we fed them a mixture of Borax, yeast and powdered sugar.  

Love to window shop and people watch in Tombstone

Meeting new neighbors (these folks are from Colorado)
and visiting with friends we haven't seen in almost seven years. We enjoyed going to church with Sherry and Jerry Sunthimer this A.M

 Sherry is showing me Kasper's Goggles he wears when they are on their ATV out in the desert.

Although Patagonia is in Santa Cruz County it is one of  our favorite little towns. 

This beautiful park runs from one end of the town to the other and was formerly the railroad tracks for Southern Pacific Railroad.

Not far from Patagonia is Patagonia State Park

Most of the rivers around here do not have any water in them, but even though it's not much the San Pedro River does.

The Arizona Folklore Preserve is a must if you enjoy the "old cowboy music" Our schedule didn't allow us to go this year but it is at the top of the list for next year.  The performances are mostly on the weekends and it's $15 for adults. 

The Grounds Are Beautiful

Another Stop is Bisbee and Douglas and if you get down to Douglas it's only 14 miles on gravel road to the John Slaughter Ranch The fence at the back of the barn marks the Mexican Border. Two weeks just wasn't enough for us to see and revisit all the places we wanted to see. So next year, We are planing on spending a full month in the St. David - Sierra Vista area.  We missed the Empire Ranch Round UP

We love to get in the car and just "head out" This day, we headed towards Sierra Vista until I said "turn left here"  I wanted to see what Elgin was.  You're looking at it.  But there are also acres and acres of beautiful wineries. We counted a dozen.

Then it was on to Medera Canyon for a picnic it was getting later in the afternoon (about 3:30) and we were a couple hours from our home on wheels so we didn't do any of the little hikes.  

But it is for sure on the bucket list for next year. Beautiful humming birds and other species I don't know ( But I bet Judy does)

The rest of the pictures on my blog today are along the way home.  Beautiful scenery.

This picture and the one below, were very interesting. The wind was blowing pretty hard all afternoon

And these clouds just kept going around like a slow dance

Joe had his eye on this one.  This isn't a black and white picture..... just one he thought was interesting and beautiful.
This picture was what I saw out my side the car......

And this is what Joe out his side of the window at the same time.  Incredible beautiful sunset that lit up the hills on my side of the car.

The humming birds have found my feeder.  One has a green front the other one a beautiful red.  I took this picture (and about 20 more) sitting at my table.
Have a wonderful week!