Sunday, November 2, 2014

Joe didn't nickname me Lucy for no reason..........

The last two Sundays we have worshiped at East Valley Nazarene Church in Apache Junction 
So this morning we were sitting just to the right of the man in the white t-shirt, waiting for the service to start. Now I know better than to even THINK about looking at my cell phone while in church. That's just a no no for us. (Reverence in God's house is important to us ) But.........I did. And it was all down hill from there. I noticed we had an email from our friend Russ. It was entitled something like Lost in the Fifties.  Hmm I could have swore I had that phone on Airplane mode, sound totally off, but somehow, When I hit the play, Lost in the Fifties started playing full blast.  Oh my word. I  was so embarrassed and for the life of me I couldn't get the thing shut off.  Well finally I did. Normally Joe would be giving me the "look" but he was smirking. If I learned anything at all today from that particular church service, it was "Don't take that phone out of your purse Betty until church is over and you are back in the car" !!! So after the church service was over and we were out in the car, This was what Russ Sent us.  Lost in the Fifties Another Time, Another Place

After church we met Russ and Kay at  the Arizona Market Place.  The holder I'm wearing was crocheted  from plastic bags  by my friend Marilyn. Holds my 20 oz water bottle  when we are out and about.

Even though it was MY fault that I opened the video in church that Russ sent us, I told him this was the pay back. He had to model one of the sunvisors I bought for my self today. He's such a good sport.  But I do think he needs more protection on the top of his head don't you?  After we left the market, they came over to the RV Park we are staying in and we played Fast Track one of our favorite board games. We like it so much we just bought one for ourselves. We haven't seen them in the stores yet.  A fellow RVer makes and sells them at Craft Sales and to individuals who have heard about the game by playing it with others that already own the game.