Friday, October 31, 2014

Last couple days in Camp Verde and the first week in Apache Junction

We did a couple more things before we left Camp Verde. Number one, we visited Fort Verde This couple are volunteers here and he did a fine job of giving us a tour through the museum. 

We enjoyed going through the four buildings and the museum

The day before we left for Apache Junction we took a ride on The Verde Canyon Railroad . We rode in a first class coach. Passengers enjoyed Champagne or Apple Juice and Chips while waiting for the train to begin the trip up the canyon. 

We left at 1:00pm and arrived back at the station at 5:00PM. Appetizers served included chicken wings, vegetable trays, meat sandwiches, and wonderful brownie bites. 

We settled into Thousand Trails/ Encore Countryside RV Resort on October 25th 
We are not far from friends Marilyn and John we met about ten years ago at an RV Resort in Washington. Marilyn is author of  Footprints and Fragrance and Child of the Outback  I've read both of the books and had a difficult time laying the books down until I had finished them. Tomorrow she is picking me up and we are going to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and do some walking and have a little sack lunch while Joe is with his Buddy Russ participating in a Horseshoe Tournament in Mesa.

This was a delightful find for Joe. It is the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa. We arrived shortly after they opened and were there until about 2:00pm. 

Joe is talking to Docent Jay. Jay was one of the best docents Joe has come in contact with and he has been to a lot of air museums to compare. Of interest to Joe, was seeing a couple of planes, one built by, and the other one piloted by a man from Kindred, North Dakota.  Why would this be interesting to Joe you ask?  He was born in Walcott, ND. Not too many folks have ever heard of Walcott, but everyone knows Kindred which is the next town to Walcott.

Another interesting thing about this air museum, you could go in the area where they are restoring old planes including this B-17.  I took the following paragraph from the Internet.
The most difficult task was locating a top turret. One was eventually found through Art and Birdine Lacey, who owned the “Bomber Gas Station” in Milwaukie, Oregon, where a B-17 had been sitting on top of their station for over 37 years. Harsh weather and vandals had done significant damage, but the top turret was still intact. A deal was struck between both parties: the Arizona Wing would provide much needed work for the “The Bomber,” and the Laceys would donate the top turret to Sentimental Journey.

First, the members had to prepare the parts they would need for the Laceys' plane. A new glass nose and facsimile top turret were fabricated along with a fiberglass tail. In July 1981, a team arrived at Art Lacey's gas station, and in 48 hours had replaced every piece of glass in the plane and all three missing doors. A dummy fiberglass top and tail turret were installed, topping off the work with a pair of simulated .50 caliber machine guns for the chin and tail turrets. The crew reported that there were no words to describe the Laceys' hospitality. By August 1982, the top turret, along with the “Cheyenne” tail turret, were installed on Sentimental Journey.
And Docent Jay, got very excited after  telling Joe the story about that Turret on top of the plane in this picture when Joe told him we live about five minutes or so from "The Bomber"  

Another day trip we took  was to Tortilla Flats. We've been there before. The scenery coming in going from there is beautiful and the ice cream when we got there was sooooo good. The ice cream shop is at the end of the buildings in the picture.

This is Canyon Lake 

Yesterday we went to Casa Grande, about a 45 minute drive from here to see dear friends Carol and George. We met them on our honeymoon in Soap Lake, Washington and  they told us we were married on their 49th anniversary. Next June 4th they will be celebrating 60 years of marriage. We went to lunch with them at a very special cafe. Creative Cafe in Casa Grande The service was great, the food was wonderful and we look forward to eating there again someday. Thank you George and Carol for suggesting Creative Cafe.

Arizona sunsets are the best! Every night this is what I see from our patio. and every night I take about a dozen pictures.  I think this one is my favorite. My favorite cactus the Ocotillo and another Arizona sunset.