Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Donkey and the Well

While we have been in Camp Verde we have visited Jerome, AZ three times and we still haven't seen it all.  But one of the places we did enjoy visiting there was the Gold King Mine Ghost Town

I am not a lover of horses or any animal that even resembles one. But this day I had more than a lot of fun.  I watched this donkey, Pedro Gonzales, ring his bell for attention, give kisses and hugs. Tim, one of the care givers there, encouraged me to feed Pedro a carrot. See how my hand is?  He took that carrot out of my hand...

And here, Tim is showing me how Pedro will take the carrot out of your mouth.....I don't think so, but something got into me and do you see what is in my hand??? Yep, I put that carrot between my teeth

and look where that carrot is now.  Pedro took his lips and pulled that right out of my mouth. He did it so fast Joe couldn't click the camera button fast enough.  His "flappy rubber lips" got the end of my nose ...oh yuk!!!! but I have to admit it was a fun time.  

Mr. Don Robertson owns the Gold King Mine and this is his home, built with his own hands.

He took a liking to us, and invited us inside his home to show us his Harley Motorcycle he keeps in the living room.  

He also wanted to show us the fireplace he made.  See the cart the rocks are in "coming out of the entrance to the mine?"  That is where the heat comes out....the actual fireplace.  Clicking on the picture will enlarge it.

He was very proud of the patio he built using a rock wall that is over a hundred years old. The Gold King Mine Ghost Town is much more than a donkey and a motorcycle! You could spend a good share of the day there looking at old buildings, a working lumber mill, old trucks, cars, mining equipment... I'm so glad our friends told us this was a must see place!!!

Another Day we went to Montezuma Castle National Park    I was in awe of that place. You can't go up to it like we were able to in the Tonto National Forest, but there are many advantage points with benches, paved walk ways.  What an awesome place.

Yesterday we went to Montezuma Well  All of these places are with in a half drive or so of Camp Verde RV Resort where we are parked until Saturday. I am feeling better every day and yesterday I felt like I could do a little hike up to Montezuma Well.  Again, it was a paved walk way, quite a few steps up, but there were signs along the way to read, so we took our time and enjoyed the afternoon.

There were dwellings here too.  This time we were looking down on them instead of looking up.

And this is Montezuma Well. You will find a lot of information about this well by clicking on the link above.