Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Travels, Part One

It's been sixteen days since we left home for our winter in the sun.  I must  have picked up a bug somewhere along the way but I just kept "going" We took eleven days to get to our first two week destination at Camp Verde, Arizona.  Rather than have one very long blog, I'm going to break it up into shorter blogs, and should be caught up by the end of the week as we staying pretty close to "home" while I'm recuperating. Self Doctoring is ok, with the Emergen-C, the Zinc, the Zicam, Tylenol etc, but when the fever doesn't go away, it's time to get help so I did go to Urgent Care yesterday afternoon, and am now on antibiotics and a wonderful little round pearl looking pill that helps with the cough.  The diagnosis.......just a nasty sinus infection.
I don't know how many of you have seen this Hallmark Christmas movie that came out in 2006, but it has become our all time favorite, even outdoing "It's a Wonderful Life"! In the midst of war in Afghanistan, Cody Cullen (John Newton) is touched by a lovely card sent by Faith Spelman (Alice Evans) from small-town Nevada City, California.  As months pass, Faith's note gives hiim strength to survive---and sets him on a mission to find her. A heartwarming love story filled with holiday cheer! (Taken from the internet)
  On our way South, we went to Nevada City where a lot of the movie was filmed on location and oh the fun we had.  The visitor's center gives you a "Christmas Card Map" so you can see many of the places in the movie.

This is the National Hotel where Cody Cullen stayed his first night in town. Such a beautiful hotel.  I wish I could have shared all the pictures we took inside. We were given a key to one of the rooms so visitors can see what an average room there looked like. 

This is the Nevada City Classic Cafe. As I opened the door, "ole romantic me" got misty eyed as I read the phrase on the door. "Where the magic began".  I don't want to give the story line away, but that was a line from the movie.  The waitress told us that at the end of that counter, was where Faith came in, sat down and ordered her usual Club Sandwich, Curly fries and a hot chocolate to go.....and met Cody Cullen

The look on my face was one of shock at the size of that order!!On the menu, it is called The Christmas Card Club Sandwich.  We should have ordered one and shared it. Both of us could barely get down half. So we had the rest boxed up. We were concerned about the heat and the meat going bad before we got back to the motorhome. The waitress suggested to us if we wanted to, there were many homeless people on the streets and in the park.  So off we went, box in hand looking for a hungry person. Joe spotted a man about our age sitting on a brick retainer wall under a tree. He approached the man, and told him he was looking for someone who might be hungry. The man stood up, extended his arms and Joe gave him the box, Told him it was fresh, from the restaurant across the street, and the guy hugged Joe with many thanks like there was no tomorrow.  Even when we came back down the other side of the street the guy hollered over to him Thank you again.

In real life, this is the Nevada City Methodist Church. In the movie it is the Nevada City Community Church.  I happened to see a gentleman working on railing on the side of the church, so I walked over, told him our interest in the church and he asked if he could give us a tour of the inside.  I was elated!  His wife, the church treasurer was inside so together they gave us a tour that lasted well over an hour.  In the movie, this is where Cody went to church the morning after he arrived in town, and also on Christmas eve.

Our delightful and very informative tour guides, Bob and Kay Zuelsdorf. They are both very active in their church. 

We took a drive out of town to the spot where Cody visited the Vietnam War Memorial before leaving town.... There really isn't a memorial, but the steps leading to the river are there and have been for a long time.

Tomorrow, I will take you to our visit in Yosemite.