Monday, September 29, 2014

New Tow Package...Check, Clear Protection....Tomorrow.

If you click on the picture, you can see the new tow bar


We were at Camping World in Wilsonville at 8:15 this morning. We drove off, towing the CRV at 5:00 this evening. It was a LONG day! But I just have to say, this time, it was a very nice experience.  We've had some bad experiences with Camping World and I wasn't looking forward to today. But as soon as we got there, we were introduced to Eric our service tech for the day. He explained what he would be doing, and at any time we were welcome to go in to a safe area in the shop and see how things were coming along. Most of the hours were spent outfitting the Honda, not as much time getting the tow bar on the RV. We just upgraded from a Falcon to a  Falcon 2 all terrain non binding tow bar When the installation was complete, Eric went through every step of connecting and disconnecting. Joe filled our propane tank before we left and off we went hitting I-5 and I-205 just in the nick of time for rush hour going home traffic, and oh yes rain, rain, rain!!. Joe said it was an easy tow. Yeaaaah!!! Now tomorrow, we have to be at the Honda Dealership to have the Honda Clear Protection applied to the front of the car up to and including our side mirrors. It takes the place of the black covers you see covering the front of the tow car. This is sprayed on and it takes most of the day. We were informed yesterday the dealership is supplying us a rental car for the day. This is good because Joe has a dental appointment tomorrow and that is the last of our appointments before we go.
 Joe's ENT Dr. said his ears are finally looking good. He has been dealing with ear issues for eight months. I also got a great report from my Dr. My A1c was good and my cholesterol was down 50 points. He told me to just keep doing what ever it is I'm doing and he'll see me in the spring. 
So Wednesday Morning we'll be singing "Camp Verde here we come"