Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Enjoying the Oregon International Air Show

Last Saturday, Joe, his son Rob and daughter Chris went to the 2014 Oregon International Air Show in Hillsboro. Why didn't I go?  Well I don't like the noise, the speed of the planes, and I don't do well in the heat, so I enjoyed a day of rest, reading, knitting and watching a couple of movies on the Hallmark Channel. When they got home, we all went to dinner at Ohana's, a Hawaiian Restaurant in Milwaukee.
In order to describe these pictures, not having been there myself, I had to resort to looking on the Internet under 2014 Oregon International Air show for some of the descriptions.
The U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team dropped in on yellow parachutes with smoke canisters attached to their ankles.

The Harrier hovered. It is informally referred to as the Jump Jet and is a family of military jet aircraft capable of vertical/short takeoff and landing operations.

The F22 Raptor was Joe's favorite

 The F22 Raptor was also part of a Heritage Flight, as it flew with the Bremont Horsemen Flight Team, comprised of three F-86 Sabre jets from Korean War era.
The nine red and white planes of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds made shapes like fireworks spreading in the air, flying at each other, then swooping up and arcing backwards, descending and flying round in circles parallel to the ground. 

Joe is already planning for the 2015 Oregon International Air Show.  Why? Because the
 The Blue Angels  are going to be there. Now that puts a smile on his face just thinking about it. He says the only thing better than being there would be to be taking a ride in one of their jets! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's getting close to the time to head South. Our calendar has appointments of all sorts penciled in almost every day. The motor home is loaded except for the food, and after this weekend, I'll share with you some major changes we have made in how we will travel. Have a great rest of the week and weekend and I'll talk at you on Monday.