Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Playing "Catch Up"

Horseshoe season is officially over for this year. Joe placed second in his division at the Oregon State Horseshoe Tournament held at Clackamette Park in Oregon City. The weekend before that, he placed first in his division at the Sandbaggers Horseshoe Tournament also held at Clackamette Park in Oregon City.
These are plates he has won since he started pitching in sanctioned tournaments  in 2004.  

When we are living in our RV we use a bed sack instead of blankets. It's much easier to make a corner bed with one of these. The sheet is held to the cover with a Velcro strip making it easy to laundry. On this particular day, the zipper "jumped the track" and wouldn't come together but patient Joe fixed it.

When we were back in North Dakota for the Graffis family reunion, we went to Moorehead, Minnesota to visit his cousin Larry. Larry has a name plate on his vehicle like this one and I noticed Joe really liked it.  So when he wasn't looking I gave Larry the money to order one for Joe.  Just recently a package came in the mail for Joe.  Inside was not one, but THREE plates. The other two are on the Motor home.

Last month we attended the wedding of one of our grandsons.  On September 6th, we attended the wedding of his brother. His best man..... another one of my grandsons.

We just arrived home last night from another FMCA Lewis and Clark Rally. This time at Thousand Trails Whalers Rest RV Resort in Newport, Oregon. On the way there, we stopped at Boiler Bay and did some Whale watching. They were very close to the shore. It was fun watching them "blow" and roll so close to shore.

Loved our camp site. We had a very large area behind the rig too.

We had some free time one day, so we took some time to see the sights around Newport.

These two pictures were taken at the South Jetty. 

And how about this for a spiders web? This was my view when I raised our shade one morning.

These guys enjoyed a good game of horse shoes most mornings during the Rally

How many ringers and who got them.
We also enjoyed Sunday morning church services there

The chapel is downstairs in the North Adult Clubhouse 

I took a walk one morning while Joe was at the horseshoe pits, and took pictures around the park. The next few pictures were some of my favorites.

There is a wild fire very close to Estacada, the town I lived in until I married Joe. It has now consumed 3500 acres. My grand daughter and family live there and and has been put on alert of possible evacuation. This sunset was taken from our house in Oak Grove, 30 miles away from the fire. 36 Pit Fire near Estacada

The reflection of the sunset on our motor home parked behind our house.
Are any of my Full Time RV blogger friends looking for a place to call home? Maybe health issues are keeping you from traveling for now?  We know a gentleman who has a RV pad on his property he wants to rent out long term. with 30/50 amps, includes wi fi, electricity, sewer, water, and the following pictures will show you the view you would have from your home. It is a quiet, peaceful place.I have seen deer, eagles, osprey, Nutria, cranes and fish.  It is 30 minutes from big city shopping. Gresham, Clackamas, Portland. PM me or email for more details.